Who else has that typical Type A personality?? For the most part, I am the girl who is on top of things. Professional List Maker should really be a career choice. I like organization (even if it's an organized mess). Itineraries are my jam. I love clean minimal Swedish design. But when it all comes down to it, I know I'm a control freak. And sometimes that comes as a detriment to my creative side.

If you know me in the real world, I'm usually never without some sort of craft project. Most of the time, that craft has been knitting because it's the most travel friendly option. My friends and family call me a grandmum, but that's quite alright with me. I believe I am just living up to one of my nicknames "Kitty Kat" because of I always have some yarn or string to play with. Being self taught meant lots of mistakes. In Japan, there's this thing called "wabi sabi"...

the acceptance of transience and imperfection

It wasn't the first time I had to come to terms with my eagerness to attain perfectionism; that's an ongoing lesson. However it did teach me to find beauty in the flaws. That even if it's not "perfect" it still is an accomplishment. Oh you missed a stitch, well that's what makes it perfectly unique. It tells stories like the smile lines around your grandparents' eyes.

Rows and rows of knits and purls seem rigid, but there's a rhythm to it. Different patterns creating crescendos across the work. Counting stitches like a time signature. It's the dance of the needles intertwining and releasing. I've heard, in passing, that tying knots is a therapeutic way to calm anxiety. It slows the mind and shifts your focus. For me, it's a form of meditation.


For all those reasons and because I love learning different types of crafts, the transition to macrame was an easy one.

I've always admired Emily Katz's work. So when I heard she was holding a workshop in the city to tell her story and teach macrame, it was already a done deal. She learned the craft from her mother and it became something they bonded over, which touched me for when have some cubs of our own. It was also inspiring to me to hear how she got to her current success. This wasn't her first go at being an entrepreneur, but she persisted and this fell in her lap and she ran with it.

While she was teaching she mentioned that the beauty of macrame is the spaces between the knots. They're like breaths between the actions.

Remember to breathe

When it came to creating our own wall hanging, I placed the intention of no expectations. That what will be, will be. Learning a new craft is always filled with experimentation. With my first time at macrame, it was just seeing where the rope wanted to go. The beauty is that the knots are loose and you can always them out. Nothing is permanent. Nothing is set in stone. It's a practice.


We feel like every time we come here, we have the same spiel. "We've been slacking." "Sorry for the lack of posts." Et cetera. Et cetera. Well....you know it, so we'll spare you. Instead, we'll give you a way delayed Father's Day post. And no...the photo above does not allude to Justin being a father. He's a plant father by means of the transitive property, but THAT. IS. ALL.


A couple weeks ago, we headed to Longwood Gardens after work to celebrate Father's Day. If you've never been there, let us give you the quick lowdown. Longwood Gardens is a park just outside of Philly limits in Kennett Square, PA founded by Pierre S. du Pont (yes of that Du Pont family). The grounds are covered with natural meadows, meticulously pruned formal gardens, and a green house that is an architectural marvel. Most times, people only come to Longwood for the holidays. And while yes, you definitely should see how the gardens transform for Christmas, you're really missing out on everything else. My husband was one of those people. Since we arrived before my parents, we did a quick (and I mean QUICK) run through some of my favorite parts in the park.

I went to the woods...

you should know by now that we will take any and every opportunity to quote thoreau


We did a speed-walk through the formal garden that has flowers organized by color (Type As rejoice). From there we went through some Secret Garden tunnels that emptied out at one of the fountains. Think Gatsby fountains. It was very luxurious. Couldn't get a great shot of them (since y'know crowds), but we did manage to awkwardly take some going in the other direction with a background of a pond and the only treehouse I was able to take Husby into. Sidenote: that particular treehouse is not well ventilated, so if you go in the summer...be quick about it. The afternoon sun casted the best shadows.


The Meadows are one of the newest additions. This is the "drive by" route you can take if you don't want to do the full trail that exposes you to some cool pollinators, wildflowers, and if you're lucky foxes. Something else that's new is the Beer Garden on the premises. This is where we met up with my parents and we were too busy chowing down on pizza, salad, and beer to really photograph the really quaint string lights hanging over picnic tables with an Americana / Bluegrass band playing as a sweet couple danced alongside. The major plus side to the Beer Garden is that the beer doesn't have to stay within the limits of said Beer Garden. Yes, that means you can roam free with your beverage. So ladies and gents, if your significant other is not at all interested in learning about plants and all their beauty (and they are of legal drinking age, of course), here's your chance. 


Now the whole point of coming to Longwood Gardens was because my dad wanted to see the Illuminated Fountain Shows. Now yes, water fountains can be like very blah. But this is a spectacle. Light show, water show, fire show all set to various themes every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The evening we went was Motown. You better believe we Marvin Gaye and got it on. If someone can clarify how they put fire on water....please comment below, we really would love to know.


We're sure this will be the first of many posts at Longwood. Magical backdrops for many photo ops. And my parents just relocated to the Main Line. We should just be Members at this point, but maybe we'll pick up that card the next time we come through. The five acres need to be properly explored and with every season, it will always be changing. Even in a controlled environment, change will always be a constant.


A lot of our friends have been celebrating anniversaries lately, so the lovey dovey vibes are real. We love love. We love that our friends are in love. We love celebrating love. And, quite honestly, the world can always use MORE LOVE...it is The Golden Rule after all.

If you find yourself here, it's probably because you saw the little preview on our feed earlier today. And if not from that, well we have a sweet almost-midnight treat for you. 


cue the video


We threw the word "magical" a superfluous amount of times while describing our wedding day (well wedding day 2.0....because we're extra married). But it honestly was. It's true what the old adage says, time really does fly by. We are thankful for our friends Allie and Scott who pulled us aside and told us to take it all in. We are thankful for our friends and family who were able to dance under a night full of stars. You really filled our hearts with more warmth than the campfire could ever give us on that cold day (and we thank you for being such troopers!!). And to the amazing team who made the night run smoothly and capture every moment... 

thank you. 


If you follow along with us on Instagram, you may have seen we did a quick trip to Miami last weekend. Literally under 48 hours in Magic City, but it was a well worth it trip. The main reason why we went down there was because our lead pastors at Fervent Church invited us to join them in attending this year's Vous Conference. But you know us, even in a little weekender, we were bound to go wandering even just a little bit.





The whole point of this weekend was Vous Conference. Sadly, we missed Friday night's session with a sermon from Rich Wilkerson Jr. and a performance by Andy Minneo (both a total bummer). But Saturday was a full on day of goodness and truths. Definitely feel blessed for the experience of being poured into by leaders like DawnCherie Wilkerson, Brooke Ligertwood, Erwin McManus, and John Grey. We also cherish the growing fellowship between old friends and new. And we (anxiously) excited for what's to come.



After a back to back session, we had a short break to grab some lunch before one more session and our breakouts, so...tbh we got Sbarro because it's fast (and it's cheap). Where we did splurge a little was when we hit up Joe & The Juice. Now originally, we were planning on going to some other coffee shop, but when I saw Joe & The Juice, I got a little excited. I miss having a plethora of juice bars to choose from back in my New York days!! I ordered The Guardian (tumeric, black pepper, pineapple, carrot) and requested it be put in my Keep Cup because I'm a weird crunchy kid that likes the environment, but I still feel weird about asking people, but like earth. Husby ordered a Chocolate Shake and hung out by a fiddle leaf fig.



We were too focused on real life stuff to document any of it #sorrynotsorry. But in a nutshell... a few more breakouts, dinner at Yuca with the Fervent fam, back for the last sessions with worship led by Brooke Ligertwood and the Vous Worship team (they have a new album out btw, you should listen, it's really good) and throw your wig out sermon by John Grey. It was the last night with everyone together because most of them had an early flight that they were long gone by the time we got up on Sunday.



but first...brunch

Saturday morning we stopped by local coffee shop Panther to grab much needed caffeine for everyone. You know, leave it to us to find the most hipster (but hella cute) coffee shop. Bless them for being patient with us for our very long and detailed order. But when we stopped by, we came across Icebox Cafe and knew that was where we were going to have Sunday brunch. We're suckers for really clean design and tasty food. I, of course, got my staple Avo Toast with a poached egg and Husby got the Eggbox. We both ordered juices because....they were tasty. This time I went for a beet juice with a shot of ginger (you know that zing in your step) and Husby ordered a refreshing melon medley.



We swear Miami was a testing ground for us going to the Philippines later this year. The humidity was cray. The heat was ridiculous (especially carrying at least 20lbs in each of our packs after checking out of our Airbnb). And all the tropical plants were giving me life.


Lincoln + Ocean

The Airbnb we were staying at was close to Lincoln Road Mall, but I didn't want to leave Miami without showing Justin the super tourist-y side of South Beach : Ocean Ave. Also it was a bit of a memory lane in formative years. See this is a good idea in theory, but after carrying our backpacks in thick suffocating humidity, this was a really bad idea. It's not even that long of a walk!!!! But that heat is a killer. Thankful for little safe houses like Caffe Italia with iced coffees and pastries. 

As mentioned before, we're suckers for design. So the Art Deco vibes with Spanish influences were things we were taking it. Hence all the cute buildings. Also, the Versace house. Because when you're in South Beach being a tourist doing touristy things...it's a thing you have to stop do.

So that was our little weekender in Miami. It was a short but full one. Maybe we'll be turning this into a  series. We know of at least one more Weekender we'll be doing this year. But leave us a message below of what you think! Also any suggestions for the next time we're in Miami?? VOUSCONF2018 was good that we already got tickets for next year! That will be closer to the university, so all suggestions for places to hit up are so very welcome! 

URSA FINE Comments

What even happened in May? Honestly!! We feel like it was just yesterday we were all dropping those Justin Timberlake memes and now all of a sudden he just played in Philadelphia over the weekend. Where did this past month go? Where did time run off to? Thankfully our church is doing a series on rest, so hopefully we'll learn to be better stewards of our time over the next month (because we have as much time in the day as Beyonce, so NO EXCUSES ANYMORE). 

so onto the faves...


green thumbs

We both have a history of our parents working in horticulture, whether it's in landscaping, gardening, or even in soil research for agriculture. We figured we should give it a shot for ourselves, so off to the local garden center we go. Since we were house sitting for my parents, we headed to Bucks Country Gardens, a little bucolic gem right outside of Doylestown. We picked up a few plant babies like new jade plants, dragon finger, sansevieria, and our first zz plant. We have a few plants coming in the mail too, so fingers crossed we get them before our trip to Miami next weekend.


as for music...

There have been two songs (and music videos) that we've been playing on repeat. The first one is by our friend's band Blame Candy. Pathetic is a video that fulfills all those glam rock 80's vibes that have the same vibrancy as the upcoming season ahead. Now John Mayer on the other hand...is just all around good tunes. New Light is the normcore meets random low budget random beach studio green screen that we never thought we needed. The man is a unicorn. Both songs are ear worms you definitely will find yourself singing hours/day/weeks/months later. 


We know that's not much for the month. We mostly kinda just "lived" this month, just soaking up moments. We're definitely coming out of a hibernation mode as you've read in our previous post THE CALL and we're putting together a few things to go with that. But there are a lot of changes going on. We've been helping my parents pack up and move, so that's why we've been in Bucks County a lot lately. We're also working on doing more community events and meeting new people. Real relationships. Deep relationships. 

June...we're ready for you.


It's your turn to


There are seasons for dormancy
To gather strength in the waiting
Then there are the seasons where you get
A little brighter, a little bolder
But you can get
A little wild
A little out of control
In these moments
Remember to stay grounded
There's a balance to all of this

There is a time for everything
You may only bloom once a year
And you may think that's the prettiest part of you
But there's beauty and purpose
In all seasons

Because through it all
You're still the same flower
The same tree
The same human being...
There's just something new that you have
Yet to discover


No, that's not a Backstreet Boys reference. Although that is a great song.

It is more like an answer to something we've been praying and hoping for. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of getting married / moving in together / planning another wedding / getting married again, you wouldn't think that we were having a spiritually dry season. Although all of that was for us (and our families), we felt like our dreams were put on hold and our passions went to the wayside. We've been taking the past few months to really invest time in pursuing the life we want to live. Now we don't want to give away too much because we would rather walk it out than just talk about it, but we dream big and that is so overwhelming.


Then we reminded ourselves

you can fear failure
but do it AFRAID anyway 


Earlier this year, I got back into the yoga studio. I definitely missed having a place to practice outside of following classes at home. There's something about having a teacher guide you through positions and meditations that you don't get when you're just going through the motions. It's probably that human connection, the timbre in the teacher's voice, the scent of palo santo pre-practice and lavender post, the gentle touch for proper alignment or to push you deeper into a pose. 

A month or two ago, the teacher spoke about dharmas. The way she explained it was that your dharma is your fundamental truth, like your essential being. While in meditation, we were asked to explore what was our specific calling that is our true self. What came to mind immediately was a drawing I made in college called "Beauty in the Rubble". In short, it was a pile of trash but still finding a masterpiece in it. Ever since I was younger, I could always see the allure in what was classically defined as beautiful and the weird and strange having their own. This led to me repeating to myself with every cleansing breath the following... 

see beauty.jpg

And yes that is my truth, my call, my reason for being. To find the grace in a sunrise to being patient in waiting for a lump of coal to become a diamond. Every breath let out into the universe held that mantra. Every creation produced, whether to plan or with imperfections still held that truth.

But then in the following weeks after, that mantra slowly turned into "I am beauty." With a little throwback to Jenny & Tyler's "Called Beauty" playing on repeat in my head radio, it's hard to not take it as truth. It's easier to see that something special in others than to see it for yourself. I often find myself discrediting something I have accomplished because I think I am unworthy of that attention, like I didn't deserve it. And that stems from years of struggling with self esteem, not fitting in, and being passed over for not being "loud" enough. 

Through the Identity series, we glanced over the story of Hagar running away from Abram and Sarai. In Hebrews 16, an angel of God meets Hagar in the wilderness and tells her that she is pregnant with Ishmael and that the Lord knows her miseries. That is when Hagar names God "El Roi" the God who sees. And to be seen is to be known. In turn, I have adopted that into my identity. God sees me. He knows me. I am beautiful. I am worthy. 

Through that abundance I will carry that out in what I have yet to create and in the conversations I have yet to have. To make people feel like they are special, that they are seen and cared for. Not another product of mass production. Not just another "small talk" that will be forgotten in a matter of moments. Being intentional in this way stretches me to be vulnerable and get deeper. But I am willing (afraid, but willing) to answer that call.


Did you catch that one? Too obvious...oh well! So here we are, mid-way through May. Miss us? While we can sit here and discuss the plethora of reasons why we've been a little M.I.A. lately, let's just get to it. Life happened, you know how that goes. And nothing major either, just living. If you missed our GEN FAVE : APR18, you didn't miss much. We ate a lot of tacos and that's all we had to taco 'bout.


So let's start from where we last left off. Before the VA Getaway. Before introducing you guys to our adventure set up. Guess that puts us at our Earth Day post.

So in that post, we casually showed some snapshots of us on a random trip to Cape May. A few years ago, we went off season and loved the vibe of the town before the rush of people. So since then, we try to take one trip down there before Memorial Day Weekend...you know, before madness starts. While we were down there, we popped over to a cute little spot (pictured above and a sneak peek for a future post) for a quick bite before heading toward the mall for some light window shopping and donut consumption.


This past week was a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions all at the same time. Thursday was my co-worker's last day so we went out to Cantina Los Caballitos to celebrate his new beginning. While I am super happy he's moving on to his next step, the office is definitely going to be a quiet place in his wake. Sunday was, of course, Mother's Day. Since my own mom is currently in a different country, we spent the day with Justin's family. Sadly, the weather got the best of our plans, but we still had fun eating ice cream, roaming a little town, and taking some selfies on the train tracks.


Now we raved about Liza Anne before in our GEN FAVES : MAR18. But we were blessed to see her perform live at Boot & Saddle. Surprisingly, it was our first show at this venue. We definitely recommend getting the Fried Cauliflower...Korean BBQ style. But back to Liza Anne. Even before seeing her perform, her music always resonated with us. From her first album Two that gave us major haunting Daughter vibes to her second album Fine, But Dying giving us happy music for sad people. But seeing her live and hearing her tell the stories behind the songs, was such a freeing vulnerability we aspire to get to. AND she covered Dreams by The Cranberries and that left me in a puddle of emotions. Word from a pretty bird told me that she will be recording it soon.


Like we said before, life happened. But on top of that, we have been feeling like we hit a wall. I'm not new to the blogging game. I have had made my attempts before, but always put an end to it because it felt "useless". We never started this to become a paid influencer / to get free stuff / anything you think that "fabulous" blogger life looks like. The reason behind us starting this was to share stories; ours, the ones that inspire us, and potentially being blessed to tell yours. We want this to be an authentic space and we already talked about being vulnerable so...here we go.

We dream big and sometimes when we don't see success the way we think we deserve, we start playing the comparison game (we know we shouldn't but...we human). This morning we read Jessica Lawlor's piece about the reasons why any of us blog and that hit us...hard. We are passionate about this and we hope that comes through. But sometimes, when we don't hear from readers, we feel like we're just throwing words into a void. We want to feel like all of this "stuff" that we're doing is not for nothing. Investment in faith is hard. But there is no reward without risk. We need to keep believing in ourselves instead of discrediting ourselves. Like my hella motivational morning tea bag read...

Your strength is your own belief.

Then we are reminded that we have only been doing this for a 5ish months now? We've grown slowly, but steadily in Instagram and Facebook. We don't try to trick the algorithm or even try to begin to understand how that thing works. We don't want to buy followers because we feel like that's playing the losing game of "follow & follow back". We honestly hate the word "engagement". Like we get it. But that word is supposed to be left for a special moment. Not to be a quantified analytic. Sure we can casually double tap like anything. But when it comes to comments, we want to start a conversation. Not just a series of emojis just to garner traffic to your own page. It feels tricky when all we want is for people to be real. We want our readers to feel like they can be our friends, in real life and even on these social platforms. Don't be shy, we don't bite!

Additionally, we also know you can't expect different results doing the same thing. So while yes, we will be continuing the blog posts...we will also be trying different ways for our content to reach you guys. Also we're really going outside of our comfort level and trying to make real world connections outside of our bubble (we love popping the bubble and exploring new places...but meeting new people is a whole level of anxiety that just thinking about it makes our skin crawl). We'll try to be more consistent with new content, but let's be honest, we know we won't. We will post at least once a week, at least we'll try to. But we will always be consistent in continuing conversations. So feel free to comment, message, send us a funny boomie on Insta-Stories, anything your sweet heart desires (within reason okay??).

Let's be friends.
Let's make the night shine.



You know how some weeks can be super productive. Then other weeks, there is no desire to do ANYTHING. This week was a rough one and we're thankful that it's the weekend. We're also thankful for local coffee shops that play Death Cab for a Cutie and make for the perfect afternoon coffee situation for productivity. We should be putting together our Mother's Day gifts, but we're at the April and we STILL haven't put together that Getaway post. So, here it is, a month later.

Better late than never right?


We believe in celebrating change. We also believe that sometimes you have to escape to find a sense of calm before an onslaught of information of a new job hits you over your head. A month ago, Justin left a past job for a better career opportunity. So we took this as a reason (not that we needed any reason) to go on a mini trip to celebrate. Even though it was just an overnight, it felt like a week because of how chill everything was (ok...except the DC traffic).


If you know us IRL, you know our (okay...my) obsession with tiny houses. I'm still trying to convince Justin that we can make it work, but everyone (including my parents) tell me his 6'5'' frame won't fit (they're wrong, but I'm trying). When I came across Getaway, it was a no brainer that we would eventually book a stay there, so this little celebration escape was just a reason as any.

With Getaway, you get to choose where you would like to get away from (I see what you did there). The choices were between New York, Boston, and DC. Because we are Philly-ish based and were only really available for the weekend, we were between New York and DC. Where we usually head north to the Catskills, we decided to go towards the Blue Ridge Mountains for a change of scenery. Now I won't tell you exactly the location (they like to keep it private), the Getaway houses are within 3 hours away from the major cities. The fun thing about Getaway is you don't get the exact address or the name of the house until a few hours before check in. If you are a planner or don't appreciate a little "last minute" spontaneous adventure...this may not be the thing for you.

We got in pretty late, since we left after work on a Thursday. The roads were dark and drove around the property looking for the name of the house until we found it. The cabin was warm and toasty and came with a s'mores kit we wish we had more time to take advantage of. For an overnight or a short get away, it's a great space. But I do wish that there was more storage, sometimes I felt like we kept tripping over our things.

The little cabin in the woods focuses on really unplugging and appreciating the environment and people you're surrounded with. It was a good opportunity to reset, be creative, and take in that "slow" lifestyle we really appreciate. We woke to the sun shining through the trees and got ready to take on the rest of the day. 


A trip to the mountains is always made with some serious views. However, the March winds were a little crazy, so unfortunately we weren't able to go on a hike like we would have hoped for. But despite that, we drove through Shenandoah National Park and found some choice spots before heading back home.

F8EF158B-8DF3-47F1-AA0F-B9D7D9DD26E0 copy.jpg

Meet Pedro. He may not seem like your typical adventure van...but he’s ours.

The 1999 Honda CR-V lived without a name for the first few years of me owning him. One day I was sitting in traffic and found myself staring at the little butthole of the blue Labbit by Frank Kozik hanging on the rearview mirror. So I thought...maybe Blue Bunny. But that was an ice cream brand. Finally I landed on the sassy version of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit and we have Pedro.

This isn't my first car. But this is my first car that's not a Volvo. I used to drive a 1993 Volvo 960 then the Edward Cullen car (C30). But after a series of unfortunate events, I was left without a car and a job that was about a 2.5 hour commute every day. Thankfully, my uncle had an extra car that was just taking space in his driveway, but it was a little...special. When I first got Pedro, you couldn't open the driver side door from the inside (which now has been fixed and I learned a new skill). Also to make sure the obnoxious alarm doesn't go off, you have to click buttons like a secret code so that's fun.

Pedro may not be Overland material, but he gets us where we want to go. He's taken us plenty of trips to the Catskills, through the rolling fog of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and a winery/brewery tour in the Finger Lakes. Hopefully he can hold up in a cross country trip one day.

Along with his trusty kidekick Simone the GPS (a Christmas present from Mom and Dad), we have quite the crew for all the adventures to come..

personalURSA FINEComment

Around these parts, we're really into Mother Nature.
Here are a few ways to celebrate Earth Day 2018!



Reach out to your town center and find out how they're planning on celebrating Earth Day. There are usually fun activities for the kiddos and it gives you an opportunity to properly recycle those weird items you can't usually put in your curbside bin (electronics, shredded files, furniture, old medicine, et cetera). 



plogging - swedish origin

We've really been into Nordic culture lately (recent viking baby showers and hygge is everything). So when we came across this concept of plogging, we were right on board that train. Honestly, we should have jumped on this sooner. Whenever we went hiking and saw any form of non-compostable waste, we would always look in disgust...but we wouldn't do anything about it! That's messed up.

But now, we're trying to be more aware of our surroundings. We don't limit it to jogging because we know fully well that that isn't in my(Katrina) wheelhouse.

TIP: Bring Hand Sanitizer and a Designated Bag
**we did not use the bag pictured above for litter**



Or at least appreciate all that this earth has given to us. That trees are natural filters for the air we breathe. To sit in awe and wonder of soil pushing new growth that soon turns into the food we consume. How everything was made to interact with each other to be in harmony. And it was not only "good", but "very good" (Gen1:31).


eat wisely

Oh food. We love food. Seriously...we had two posts about food alone this week (not counting how many times we have mentioned coffee on any social outlet lately). We can talk ad nauseam about food culture, but here's the quick gist. When you can, eat local and organic. Can't do everything organic? Stick to at least getting the dirty dozen. Know your sources. Is the farm biodynamic? Are they organic? When was the produce picked? How long has it been sitting on the shelf? If you don't know your sources, at least limit your animal product consumption if you don't. Make friends with farmers and growers. They want the best product for you to enjoy and probably has all the heart eyes for the earth.

Oh and make sure to bring your own bags when food shopping!!! We get a lot of compliments on our Apolis bag every time we head to the market. But we also have DIY-ed some from old graphic tees that weren't being worn anymore. 



We are a big advocate of shopping your closet. One, this really forces your creativity and Two, it decreases the amount of landfill waste when people tire of their clothes. 

But if you do want to shop...

Here's our short list of brands that either are already awesome or are teaming up with organizations to give back to the earth this weekend. 

Girlfriend Collective - uses sustainable materials // 10% of net profits from the Globe collection will be donated to the Rainforest Action Network

Herbivore Botanicals - 20% of proceeds will go to oceana.org // free standard shipping // CODE: OCEANA (valid 04/20 - 04/22)

Patagonia - Earth Tax // promotes mending clothing for longer wear

Seed Phytonutrients - natural ingredients // recycled paper packaging // free shipping + free callous balm // CODE: SEEDSQUAD (valid until 04/22 11:59PM EST)

United By Blue - hosts cleanups // one pound of trash for every product sold // some products Made in America (decreased pollution from travel) // oh and peep Justin in one of their hemp pieces


I often find myself talking about "conscious consumerism" a lot. Which sounds more #firstworldproblems than it really is. In terms of "fashion"...


I really dislike that F word. Trends are so fleeting and I'm here for the long haul. Also another side note, we do air quotes a lot here.

...it just means thinking a little bit more before making purchases. If you caught the InstaStory the other day, I stopped myself from impulse buying Michael Kors Keatons for a more responsible / helping me get closer to zero waste Keep Cup.


What that looks like in more detail...

Decreasing the amount of fast fashion that is purchased. And when I do, make sure I will get more than 50 wears out of it. (This is based off the #30Wears test, which isn't enough for me.)

Supporting sustainably made goods, whether that means it is ethically made or made with materials that has a minimal carbon footprint.

Spend more on higher quality goods that are made well, which in turn means you have a more curated wardrobe that will last you a lifetime.


this isn't limited to clothing!!!

It is applicable to any type of retail. Slow your roll!!! Think twice, maybe thrice, before making purchases. These aren't rules, moreso guidelines to practically and slowly incorporate it in your everyday until it becomes a natural practice. 

any day is a good day to start a revolution


We really were trying for a full "week" of consecutive content, but we got a little distracted yesterday when we got an email from our friend and videographer Micah Hamilton. The first edit looks SO DOPE and has all the feels. We can't wait to share the wedding video with you...but until then, watch this instead <3 


After going to University and being in the industry for a while (hey I'm not going to date myself),  there are a lot of things I disagree with. The chain is inconsistent. Quality has fallen. Craft has been replaced with mass production. The pollution is at ridiculous level from beginning to the end of a piece's lifecycle.  Fashion moves too fast. And we keep regurgitating the same trends in seemingly different ways. Is there anything new? Is there a future in fashion? When will our advanced technology run side by side with the fashion industry? How can we give back to the world...the earth...ourselves? The Next Black talks with innovators and makers ready to shake up the status quo.


Remember a couple of days ago, when we said we were "flexa-tarians"? TL:DR? Well in quick summary, we are Flexible Eating Vegetarians. What that practically means is that we don't cook meat at home, but that doesn't mean we will always eat animal product when we do go out. Justin and I are huge foodies, so saying "no" to food is not really an option for us.

Keeping that in mind, it just so happens that some of our favorite local places are strictly vegan/vegetarian...no, not just "friendly", but straight up vegan/vegetarian. With more and more of our friends choosing that lifestyle for health, fitness, personal reasons, etc, we've been asked where are the best places to go. We tend to be the people you come to when you need suggestions for date night, coffee, and general eats (so if you're ever in a slump, don't be too shy to DM us on Instagram//Facebook or send us a message). 

Now we like to #EATLIKEALOCAL, so after walking past Leaf on multiple morning walks through town, we took advantage of last Friday's DROP DEAD GORGEOUS BEYOND PERFECT THANK YOU BABY JESUS weather and treated ourselves to an afternoon walk and yummy food. Super casual sit down dining (that does offer pick up service if you want to order for work week lunch) is a nice change of pace from other quick-bite type places. It made it feel a little bit more of a casual date than just hanging out on a Friday night. Also there aren't many sit down vegan restaurants this side of the Delaware within a 30 minute drive...soooo it's already winning points in our book. The menu is straight and to the point, a decent juice/smoothie offering with buch on tap, starters, salads, mains, desserts, and a rotating ice cream special. And yes, it's all VEGAN.

Oh! And it's owned by three sisters! So YAY for #girlpower and DOUBLE YAY for women in business!

what we ordered and would
ten out of ten recommend

Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger with Sprouts, Avo, BBQ Sauce on a Sprouted Grain Bun // Raw Pad Thai with Zucchini Noodles // Iced Coffee with Almond Milk // Vegan Salted Caramel Chocolate Ice Cream topped with Pretzel Pieces


If you know us personally, you know how we like to support local businesses and makers. And we super support brands who do "more". For us, that means fair trade, ethically made, sustainable, low footprint, give back to the community, etc etc.

So it's no wonder why United By Blue is one of our favorite things in Philly. Not only do they have great coffee (hello Reanimator) and sweet treats (get the doughnut) and pretty STELLAR photographer (our wedding photog Kelly Smith), they also have this great program where they promise to pick up one pound of trash for every product purchased. Oh and did we mention they also hold clean-ups all across the country? Yea, they're awesome. On First Friday this month, they launched their collaboration with True Hand Society (local tattoo/design studio) and Oxford Pennants. Of course, we had to stop by and pick one more to add to our small collection, especially since they were limited runs!!

We were super close to getting the "IN JAWN WE TRUST" banner, but knew full well that that wasn't really "us". And we already had the "May You Never Lose Your Flame" from Bridge & Burn. So we stuck to our typical "black" color scheme (are you tired of this yet?? #sorrynotsorry) and picked up the "1776" pennant that was low-key Philly without being PHILLY, so that no matter where we go, we will always have a little bit of home with us.

shop the full collection here


I often get asked the question...

Are you a vegetarian?

And I always respond with a soft giggle and say... 



Here's my disclaimer.
I'm not nagging on my carnivore/herbivore/omnivore/vegetarian/vegan/paleo/keto friends. This is me just being honest with myself because I love food too much and I would like to say I would try anything at least once as long as it wasn't human...just maybe don't tell me what it is first.

so what is a flex-atarian?

Honestly, it's just a word I made up, but it basically means "Flexible Eating Vegetarian". Thankfully, I was not born with crazy food allergies. Sure I have certain food intolerances (like raw onions and high fat dairy and how everything makes me bloat crazy), but nothing life threatening. I like to think I try to adhere to the "conscious consumer" label that I use as a guideline to all aspects in my life. So the choice to be vegetarian is because I hate how the food has become an "industry" instead of life-giving nutrition. Also, don't get me started on how AWFUL most livestock animals for consumption are treated...like YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW (but you should, because informed is better than disillusioned). But, I love the art of cooking. The way you can cook an egg an endless amount of ways. The vast possibilities of Molecular Gastronomy, like breaking down an Everything Bagel into individual tasting notes. It's amazing. And most importantly I love eating. I couldn't have anyone (even myself) telling me I can't do something.
Limits suck and I love food too much. Thankfully, husby agrees with me and just wants to make better food choices, so he's onboard with the "flexa-tarian" movement...for the most part.


these are our guidelines to being "flexy"

Don't cook meat at home.
Eat plant heavy & watch your soy intake.
If you have a craving, see if it's something else first.
Processed foods are fine in a pinch.
Practice forgiveness.

SPRING10X10 // 2018ED.

There's a first time for everything right? It's always nice to push yourself outside of your comfort zones and see what comes out of it. Especially with a style challenge like the 10x10.


10 PIECES / 10 LOOKS / 10 DAYS

Read more about it over at The Style Bee for a more in depth description from the inspiring lady behind the challenge.


the pieces




All black is my uniform. I'm hardly ever found in super loud and super bright prints, it's just not my jam. And no, it's not just because black is my favorite color, because shocker...it's not. This is just a super easy outfit to put together without thinking.



day002. tacos are always a good idea

There's no such thing as too many tacos. By this point, we already had tacos three other times before Saturday. But when a friend tells you about a new place to try...why not? This is a casual take on the uniform. Changed out the top with a long sleeve button down smock because winter was still hanging around. Throw on the denim and you're set to go out the door and eat more tacos.



day003. easter sunday

I found out about this challenge a few days before it started. And since it fell around Easter, my pre-planned outfit had to be included. This dress may not be sustainable, responsible, local, or any of the criteria points that need to be checked off before I buy something...but it was hella cute. Also, I got my wear out of this dress, which is saying something because it's quite the statement piece. I've had it for a few years now and I wore it to Eve Eve service, New Years brunch, my bridal shower, and now Easter. I love making pieces run the spectrum from special occasion to casual.



day004. back at it again

I can't be the only one who wears a similar outfit from Sunday to work on Monday. Like no one in the office sees you on the weekend, so why not reuse a perfectly good outfit? Okay...maybe it's just me and my lazy girl aesthetic. Thankfully, my place of work doesn't really have a dress code, so I can be more casual that previous jobs I've worked at. I paired the same silver dress with a graphic tee and bandana and out the door I went.



day005. POP OF...WHITE?

One way to make the uniform a little bit more spring-like is to add a pop of color. Well color barely exists in my wardrobe. So.....white converse it is! In lieu of a jacket, I threw on the other top unbuttoned like a lightweight third piece.



day006. chilling in the break room

If you think I live in this denim...you're not wrong. Comfort is key and by now you should know, black is a staple. Brightened it up with lighter layers on top with the sweater and light wash denim.
PS. Yes this was taken in the break room. You gotta make do with what you got for backgrounds. Sometimes it looks like this.




I couldn't do this challenge without at least one graphic tee. Oversized and easy to layer (as seen in DAY004.) it's one of those pieces that you grab and go. My wardrobe is mostly made of the pieces you can dressed in the dark and still look good in, this is case and point.




This First Friday // Date Night. We had plans to have dinner at High Street on Market and then head over to United By Blue's collab with True Hand Society and Oxford Pennants. Since we were in Old City, we had no shortage of brick walls and little alleys to take pictures in, which was nice because work photos were a bummer to do.  



day009. LET LIGHT IN

This look should just read here's my uniform: Weekend Edition. Well, we headed to our local favorite Light Now before scoping out new spaces. You probably saw our InstaStory of the delicious food, but honestly, if you haven't been, are you even living? Also they source locally (hello Indogrow Farm) and the food is Fresh Prince of Bel-Air FRESH.



day010.  DONEEE

With Spring finally peeking out, I am definitely excited to break out more seasonal pieces. If I could do this again, I might have switched out a  jacket for another bottom. I feel like that could have made these looks a little less monotonous.  I also could have just used outerwear as accessories, but for the first time doing this, I wanted to stick to script. However, I did notice that I really do have a uniform, and no one blinked an eye or said anything (maybe people are just too nice). It's nice to see that I have an "aesthetic", but sometimes it's fun to break the mold.


hersURSA FINEComment

If you live in the South Jersey / Philly area, you know the big debate over those rainbow toppings. At Fervent Church, we take advantage of the traffic in front of our building during rush hour and have people vote over on our website. To bring it all together, and as a little surprise for our church fam, "First Lady" (and fellow blogger) Jillian Rosado brought on myself and Alyssa Huver to throw this really fun event.

With one day prep the day before and setting up the area in the middle of the sermon, it was such a joy to see the kids super stoked about the rainbow garland we made, the photo booth, and especially Mister Softee (honestly, who gets mad at free ice cream?).


like i said before...
hire me to make more
balloon installations
They're really  fun.


So Jimmies or Sprinkles??

I think by now everyone know I'm definitely is #TEAMSPRINKLES, but Justin is all about accepting both: Rainbow Sprinkles and Chocolate Jimmies...he's wrong, but I love him anyway.

Seeing all this color is actually a nice reprieve following a very black and white 10x10 challenge.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go follow us on Instagram and stay tuned for a round up post in the next few days.


In our last post, we mentioned how we felt like this year was getting away from us. This year has been going by so fast, with so much noise, that we needed to take a breath. This is a month that we plan to be more intentional with our time and dedicating time into the pursuit of our passions. Sometimes we need to slow down to be reminded of what that looks like. It's easy to get caught up in the day to day hustle and bustle. And while life is a journey, and there are mountains to climb, we're good where we are right here and now.

audioURSA FINEComment

It felt like this month flew by...Okay, let's be honest. This year is flying by. I think this following month we're going to try to be more purposed with our time instead of letting it slip by. Based on the posts, it doesn't look like we did much this month. We've had some posts we've just been delaying and delaying and well, you may get an overload of posts in April. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


justin's gen faves


"fine but dying" - Liza Anne

A happy departure from her old sound, yet an evolution at the same time. Some of her catchiest melodies to date. I found myself singing many of her songs hours later. So there are lots of ear worms. I feel the release of her album was fitting. Definitely spring/summer vibes. I will be spinning this for months to come. Paranoia is probably my favorite single from her right now. Super moody, and one of her best ever. It’s a toe tapper for sure. 

Hey! Katrina here! Sorry for the interruption...but I also LOVE this album. Panic Attack is my personal fave just because it has this sweet swagger about it...and honestly it is super fun to sing. Okay. Handing it back to Justin <3

"oh woman oh man"
london grammar

This is good song writing at its finest. Not only is this moody brooding tune catchy as all get out, it’s simplistic in terms of arrangement. The composition is great, but it’s minimal in terms of instruments. It takes awhile to build. The verses carry so well.


"Land animal"
Bent Knee

Weird, heartfelt, catchy, and jarring. With this you will experience a gamut of emotions and do need to be in a certain kind of mood. Whether you love it or hate it, everyone can appreciate the passion and technical writing prowess of these artists.


katrina's gen faves


blown away

A big reason for the lack of posts is because we've been a little "busy" (hate that word...but there it is). Justin started a new job and I've been in major Easter mode over at the church. Last weekend, we planned a Sundae Surprise with Mister Softee, Sprinkles/Jimmies Debate, and A LOT of color. If you follow us on Instagram, you probably caught a little sneak peek of it (and if you're not...let's be friends). And while we will probably be making a blog post about that soon, that's not what this post is about. This post IS about our favorite things of the month and this event kinda sparked a new obsession: BALLOON GARLANDS. Like how pretty are these?? I'm dying for another opportunity to make more. So if you have any events you want a balloon installation...hit your girl up.



Always around that time of the month, my skin decides to hate me (more than usual). My saving grace recently has been OLEHENRIKSEN'S The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser & Transforming Walnut Scrub. The cleanser has Vitamin C that helps brighten my hyper-pigmentation and the scrub is such a gentle and AMAZING smelling exfoliant. I started trying these out at the beginning of the year, when I finally traded in my Sephora points for the sample set. I still have a ways to go, but this may have to be a repurchase.


new life

It's been a while since I've added vintage pieces to my wardrobe. I've always loved vintage, but I think I got to the point where it was frustrating always going to shops and never coming out with anything. Back when I used to go thrifting, I was either doing it for costumes or because I was a broke high schooler/college student. But now in my older years, it's a purposeful choice.

As a minimalist, I have decreased the amount of pieces in my closet. It's filled with mostly neutral colors and basic shapes with a few pops of abstract silhouettes and "extra" details (fringe, pleats, bedazzle...oh my!). As a conscious consumer, I have the responsibility of spending my dime supporting ethical and sustainable brands and makers. Buying vintage kinda ticks off both of those boxes while giving my clothing collection a touch of charm.





How do you feel about a little sprig of inspiration?

See what we did there?? Okay enough of the puns...here is a roundup of some of our favorite Instagram accounts that really nail those much needed Vernal Equinox Vibes. These colorful buds not only make great centerpieces, but a great medium for a different kind of art. Like using petals to create images as we mentioned in last month's GEN FAVES (read that post here!) and continue on with Olga Prinku's gorgeous work weaving blooms like embroidery. Click on the images to start following these awesome makers!

Justin and I aren't really "colorful" people. You will rarely catch us in full on bright hues, but that is trend for 2018 we may have to AT LEAST try. But mostly any florals we can get down with. Justin's floral tie collection is more than the average joe. And yes, you can casually catch me wearing a floral crown from time to time. On hikes, I'm usually gathering a little wildflower bouquet. And speaking of floral arrangements, I'll even dry out the blooms to keep the beauties live on. But this little round up is giving us some much need inspo through this Winter 2.0 we're currently experiencing in the Northeast.

Fingers crossed Spring is really around the corner, we're patiently waiting.


In honor of Dale Cooper's "daily present" mentality, I decided to give myself some TLC more often. For my lazy girl lifestyle, that looks like face masks, massages, and at home manis. Last month we treated ourselves to a Valentine's Day Couples Massage. It was Husby's first time, and now he's hooked. After the massage (and brunch) we headed over to Ulta to stock up on TLC supplies. As an extra Valentine's gift, I got him to agree (okay maybe the right word is "conned") to do at home animal masks by SNP. Guys...can I tell you my husband is a saint?! He hates sticky textures and this was torture for him. I saw it all over his face...but he loves me so much he did it #fortheblog. So much love.


A new obsession of mine has been watching beauty vloggers on Youtube. Every year, around this time, my skin decides to freak out and I do a whole overhaul on my "routine". I say that in air quotes because it was barely there. Last year, I decided I was going to go the all natural route. So for the past year, I'd wash my face with a harsh cleanser and then use oils as a moisturizer...sometimes. But my skin was never happy about anything I was doing. So I'm making it a point in 2018 to find something that works. And with more than a handful of "beauty gurus" behind a product line...what could go wrong?


So a girl has caved.
I bought into the Glossier craze.

If I'm being honest, I have no idea if there's really a difference. My skin drives me crazy. There's no such thing as the perfect remedy...but I'm trying! The Priming Moisturizer Rich was definitely something my dry winter skin was craving. I was expecting a strong lavender scent, and whereas it does have botanical notes, I didn't really think it was lavender. So for the beginning I was weirded out by it, but after while, I'm really enjoying. As for Solution. Not my favorite. It's my first experience with an AHA/BHA/PHA exfoliating skin perfector, so maybe my opinion is skewed. But it leaves this weird film feeling on top of your skin, and I'm not really here for it.


Self Love isn't always about physical things. While it's great to treat yourself, you have to take care of yourself too physically and mentally. Mental Health is one of those buzzwords that carry a stigma. Surround yourself with good vibes. Know when you need to take a break and rest. Don't take everything too seriously. Laugh. Love. Forgive yourself when you don't meet your own expectations. Get outside. Go on an adventure. Be in community. Get brunch. Serve. Surrender. Pray. Worship.
Have a random dance party in your living room.

personalURSA FINEComment


It's high time since we shared a playlist with you. While our MMXVII : FEARLESS // ACTION playlist is still one of our favorites, and one you should definitely have downloaded for future road trips, our new one digs a little bit deeper. This one is inspired by a quote by French poet Paul Eluard. While pulled from a love poem, we wanted to take it to a whole new level of intimacy. We wanted to show some vulnerability because we're human too. There are seasons where silence is just as violent as a riot. Seasons where you have to stay steadfast and hold onto Truths instead of the noises of comparison, laziness, complacency, darkness and death. There are seasons where you have to fight for the light.

We'll be honest with you. It's an interesting mix. But we're interesting people.
There's a little bit of alternative, some throwbacks, folk, and worship songs in there.
But through it all, in the quiet, in the silence, in the noise, in the void...He meets us.


Last night...we really needed to sleep. So if this post feels rushed, it is. But we wanted to stay committed to our promise of the back to back posts for the end of the month. Also, it wouldn't really make sense making a GEN FAVES post for February in March. We're not making excuses. It's just really hot in our apartment and we haven't gotten enough zzz's in in the past few evenings. So when sleep comes, we welcome it with open arms.

This time around...we're going to do a "HIS" then "HERS" to help not be so confusing. 


okay. no more excuses.
onto this months gen faves


Justin's gen faves

I guess I'm first. Clearly I'm into more music things this month, I don't think that will ever really change...so here we are. I'm still on the hunt of new pedals to complete my pedal board, but in the mean time, here's what I've been listening to and the pedals I'm currently loving.


psychadelic vibes

Sun Structures - Temples   //   Flowerss - HalfNoise

 I chose these artists for this month as they have been inspiring me. The HalfNoise single is pretty new, but the Temples album has just been rediscovered. I'm falling in love with it again. I’m going through a psych rock music phase again and love to find current bands putting their twist on classics and making it new. These acts do it well. I dare you to listen and not smile. I would consider these fairly accessible and mainstream. They do a good job of maintaining that balance and are super catchy. It makes you feel good, and we can all use some good vibes.


i love knobs

These are the most thorough and creative pedal demos I have ever seen. The fact that there is no one talking or visible in the frame is even more impressive. You essentially get a clear top-down view of the pedal with a text explanation of functions and features. It is easy to see knob placement, as well as to follow along. The visuals are an added bonus. For that (and so much more), they made the Feb Gen Faves list. They’re pretty much my go to page for demos and reviews. Give them a peek and subscribe. You won’t regret it.


Enter in the GOAT

The Strymon Timeline is a beast of a pedal and a total workaholic. The possibilities are endless. With virtually unlimited parameter controls, crazy modulation, 200 built in presets, and a 30-second looper, this has risen to the top of my tonal arsenal. I replaced my delay pedal, and sold off some unused stock to pick this up, and am loving it. I haven’t even started to scratch the surface of it’s potential, and will be discovering new beautiful soundscapes for months...even years to come.


you can't even fathom how cool this is

The Fathom by Walrus Audio is a really neat pedal. I replaced my reverb and have been having a lot of fun with this. I have my Earthquaker Devices - Aftermath for the really weird cavernous gamut, but the Fathom will be a staple for sure. The pros here are ease of use paired with quick editing options. You essentially get 4 reverb types (or programs), and the X knob controls modulation in most cases. The Hall and Plate settings are fantastic. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll throw on Lo-Fi or Sonar (which is basic blending of octave up and/or down).


katrina's gen faves

I think all this rain has been putting a damper on my motivation. But with the few outbursts of sunshine, I know spring is on the horizon. I even dyed my hair pink to help lift my moody heart. This month, I've been look for some inspiration anywhere I can take it.



Around Valentine's Day, you usually see men get their ladies a bouquet of roses. I'm not one of those girls. Sure I love a wildflower or any other atypical bouquet, but Husby knew the way to my heart was 4-pack of Rose Wine by Scribe and a new succulent to add to the family. However, this month I found myself following a lot of artists, specifically ones who use flowers as their medium. I love the creativity, and the pop of color on my feed is always a nice change. Maybe it's also because I know the Philadelphia Flower Show is just around the corner. This year's theme is Wonders of Water, so I expect a lot of water installations. Maybe a lily or 5.
Anyone want to go together?

Show these ladies some love!
@petals_to_print   //   @thepetalogist   //   @flora.forager


good eats

So aside from that being the name of an AMAZING SHOW by an AMAZING GUY (I low key heart Alton Brown...but really who doesn't), it's basically my takeaway from my next favorite thing. Light Now just opened in the newly renovated Grant Building in downtown Collingswood. It's been on my radar, but now that it is officially opened and I met up with some friends for a quick bite, I can safely say it's probably going to be one of my local haunts. The menu is short and to the point. Smoothies. Salads. Sammies. After going to Playa Bowl in Ocean Grove, I've been waiting for a local Smoothie Bowl option and I think I've found it.

Oh and if yoga and spinning are your thing, Yogawood and Upcycle have also moved into the building. Feel free to get that post workout refreshment literally steps from the studio.
PS. I'm looking for a yoga buddy...anyone want to be friends???


yay sports

Okay...I guess we can't leave February without talking about sports. February was a great month for sports. We're not even sports fans really outside of snowboarding. The US won Gold for both Men's and Women's Half Pipe, so that's cool. And that's basically where I stopped watching the Olympics.

But we can't leave this month without talking about sports. Especially for our hometown of Philadelphia. The first time in ever, our Eagles won the Super Bowl against The Patriots. They said it couldn't be done, but hey our underdogs did it. The game was entertaining, the Philly Special was born, and our city didn't burn to the ground. Jason Kelce is basically a unicorn and his speech was the perfect embodiment of our city.

It also helps that local roaster Reanimator made a special blend for Jolly Saint Nick and donate proceeds to The Fund for the School District of Philadelphia. Yes it was delicious. Yes we also got the Championship. Sorry they're sold out, but take our word for it. Also, just try any of their coffee...it's delicious.


No matter where we end up in life, Philly will always be home.