We really were trying for a full "week" of consecutive content, but we got a little distracted yesterday when we got an email from our friend and videographer Micah Hamilton. The first edit looks SO DOPE and has all the feels. We can't wait to share the wedding video with you...but until then, watch this instead <3 


After going to University and being in the industry for a while (hey I'm not going to date myself),  there are a lot of things I disagree with. The chain is inconsistent. Quality has fallen. Craft has been replaced with mass production. The pollution is at ridiculous level from beginning to the end of a piece's lifecycle.  Fashion moves too fast. And we keep regurgitating the same trends in seemingly different ways. Is there anything new? Is there a future in fashion? When will our advanced technology run side by side with the fashion industry? How can we give back to the world...the earth...ourselves? The Next Black talks with innovators and makers ready to shake up the status quo.