The only word we can use to describe our wedding weekend was : MAGICAL. Not just because of the wonderful people we surrounded ourselves with and the memories we made with them, but because of the beyond gorgeous venue nestled in the forests of The Catskills.


Let us introduce you to Foxfire Mountain House

Owners Eliza Clark and Tim Trojian have transformed this bohemian nordic getaway to its new glory. Taking on the renovations themselves and adding their vintage finds made for the venue of our dreams. From the cozy bedrooms that were bright and had their own personalities to the velvet couches in the living room where you can listen the sound of record player melt into the wind to the strange and beautiful decorations mixed with the wild floral arrangements to the glass house in the woods..there were too many reasons to fall in love with this place. It was our personalities and style in a place. It felt like it was our home. And for the was.

Many of our guests came up to us asking how we even came upon Foxfire, and honestly we don't remember. Maybe it was Instagram. Maybe it was a styled shoot that was featured somewhere. Who knows...but we do know it was everything we could have asked for. It was the first and only venue visit we went on. We jumped on 11.11. availability, a night made for wishing on stars.

It was all perfect in a way. It was the last date that they had for the 2017 season. And when we booked it, it was only started to garner the attention of the press. Even my parents saw it on some inflight magazine a few months after we booked them. It was a blessing to reap the benefits. It was their first full season, and between the time we signed to the time we walked down the aisle, so much had changed. Not really in the design and decor, that was raw and beautiful, but in the logistics. Their team grew to having an event coordinator, a bar manager, a kitchen manager, and a beyond amazing team surrounding the owners.

fox fires in the night sky

In Finnish folklore, there is a mystical creature named tulikettu. A fox with with fur that reflects a brilliant light show in the sky called revontulet or fox fires. We call it the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights, but either's pretty darn beautiful.