Can I be honest? I feel 50/50 about January. On one hand, it's symbolic of new beginnings and holds so much excitement. But with that excitement, there is a hella lot of anxiety. We bite off more than we can chew and we set our expectations too high. By the end of the month we either give up or struggle bus through it.

After this year... I think Justin and I are going to treat January as an organizational month. Coming after the high of the holidays, we needed a month of rest and self reflection to prepare us for the year to come. We set the bar high for us knowing we had some major events happening that kinda threw the plan out the window. So our January was a reality check, but instead of beating ourselves up for it, we're  forgiving ourselves and adjusting the plan. Hey, wisdom comes with age right?


what's on the horizon?


One of the things we decided on was to create a content calendar and more importantly...stick to it. For January, we had a loose idea of what content we wanted to push out...but we can see that that didn't really work out. We felt like we put content out there to make sure we had at least one post a week. We want to push ourselves to create a space filled with quality content, not just quantity.

Next month, we have our content calendar all laid out and we are so stoked for these new posts. How fitting is it that we will be finishing up our wedding posts in the month dedicated to love?? It's going to romantic and we will fight getting teary eyed nostalgic while writing them, but we'll also talk about how we will be celebrating Valentine's Day, a little bit about self love, and probably coffee.

But everyone likes some sort of consistency right? Well, I was inspired by Christine Mai Nguyen on YouTube and a fellow blogger/real world friend Jillian Rosado to create this series called GEN FAVES. At the end of the month, we will share some of...well our favorite things. Not necessarily new buys, but things that we have found that inspired us the most or just were really excited about that month. So stay tuned in the next few days for our January edition.


Until then...
get to prepping for that
super blue blood moon eclipse

I hear it's going to be a doozy