Welcome to our first edition of GEN FAVES

We are here, like we promised on Saturday, to share with you what our favorite things have been for the month. Think of it as our Myspace Top 8 (RIP) without the drama.

This post might sound a little "multiple personality" because we'll be switching between the two of us. Any suggestions on how to keep us sounding sane? Please comment below! But for now, onto the faves!


january jams



Here are two amazing instrumental albums. It has a very high energy paired with tasteful and writing and use of effects. They have been on repeat and are definitely at the top of this month's playlist.
 The Endless Shimmering - And So I Watch You From Afar  //  Copper Wasp - Night Verses



It's forever winter in my heart, so acoustic cozy ghosty music were the vibes for the month (okay...this really gets played year round at this point). It makes for a great soundtrack for work and especially to watch the winter bomb cyclone outside of our kitchen window. But for those other days when my faith needs a boost, you probably could have found me singing (okay maybe shouting) Fear Not and Take Courage in my car. 
Winter Warmers - Mahogany Sessions  //  Where His Light Was - Kristene Dimarco


Birthday Guitar

For my dirty thirty, my family blessed me by contributing to my very first Martin. It seemed fitting that this decade in my life should start with a new acoustic. I went with the DSR1 and have barely put it down since I got it. The finish may be minimal, but the feel and sound is unmatched for the price point. -JUSTIN



Who likes good vibes? I know I do. Last year was filled with so much division in our country. People yelling and arguing about this that or another. And sometimes the rage and anger were perfectly valid, and I feel for them truly, but at some point it was too much. I had to tune it all out. There was too much negative energy coming into my life, and I honestly have enough of that in my human soul. I knew I need to have positive and good energy speaking into and around me.

That's when I came across Good Good Good Co. (You know, because three is holy.) Somehow it popped up in my newsfeed on Instagram, like most things do, and I was hooked. It's a company that is all about spreading good news and good vibes into the community. It speaks to my soul, and whenever I feel heavy, I pop on their Sounds Good podcast with Brendon Harvey and feel motivated to keep on keeping on. He interviews all these incredible people and let's them share their stories. It wrenches and stretches your heart. You have to go listen to it sometime. -KATRINA

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the pedal zone

Okay back to music related things. Can you tell there's a theme to my month's favorites here? I have seriously been hooked on Stefan's videos over at The Pedal Zone. They are informative and an absolute joy to watch. I get so inspired with each demo. It gives me endless ideas while fueling my obsession over perfect tone. It's a great channel to help figure out new additions to your pedal board. And if you're not in the market, they're good videos to zen out to. -JUSTIN




Moist. One of the worst words in the English language. Even when the most good looking men try to make the word sound sexy, there is no way to save it. But, moisture is what my skin needed this month. Clearly, I love my little tube of Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. I swear by it year round, but especially in the winter. It does its job, has no frills, made from natural ingredients and says Bye Bye to Sad Chapped Lips. As for my hands, I decided to treat myself to the Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm and man is balm-dot-com (see what I did there). With notes of rosemary, cedar, and mandarin, it's a refreshing scent that adds a little bit of luxury spa to your day. -KATRINA


All in all, January has been a stellar month. We've been dreaming, getting inspired daily, and hustling. This year will be one of creating beautiful things and music, and January was a perfect send off. We'll leave you with a quote, which is our mantra of this month and all of 2018 (well, life really...let's be honest).


"My goal is to just be creative all day. And if I'm being creative all day, then I'm happy. So whatever is standing in the way of the path of creation...I want to just knock down those barriers so I can get to making art, music, etc."