AUTUMN10X10 // 2018ED.

It’s been a minute hasn’t it? Well if you follow us over on Instagram, you would know that we spent half of October traversing around Iceland for our way belated honeymoon. While I did plan a 10x10 challenge for the trip (more on that later..), I made the last minute split decision to join the #AUTUMN10x10 challenge as well. Originally the ICELAND10x10 was going to cover my images on the ‘gram, but I had some pieces in my closet I wanted to play around with!



Conscious Collection Convertible Overalls (similar)
Curator Ida Mock Turtleneck
Voloshin Timi Top
ABLE Mules (similar)

H&M Floral Shirt
Urban Outfitters Sweater
Knee High Boots


Unlike the SUMMER10X10 where I planned out the outfits, these were put together based on how I felt that day. I was worried that I would find myself drifting to the same pieces and rewearing outfits (which I am not against….by the way). Thankfully each look had their own moment. Clearly, I was feeling a little sassy on day007. I was going for Twiggy vibes, but in hindsight I could’ve turned this look into a Halloween costume with a pair of aviators, whistle, and baton. (If you feel what I’m putting down...)

Now for the overalls! I originally bought this for the SUMMER10x10, but didn’t account for the production time. Which was totally my bad! I should have planned better. It’s one of the many reasons why I appreciate Conscious Clothing. They use natural materials and each piece is made to order, which is great for SO MANY REASONS! One, it’s slows down the fashion industry so there isn’t any waste floating around. Two, because it’s made JUST FOR YOU! So special! I have worn these overalls a handful of times, but only like I did in the day001. outfit. For this challenge, I wanted to play around with the versatility of the piece, since that was the reason why I bought it in the first place. Sadly, this particular piece is discontinued, but there are other lovely overalls and pinafores over on there page to gawk at.

stay tuned for the iceland10x10
and all the dang pictures you know
you’ve been dying to see <3