Last night...we really needed to sleep. So if this post feels rushed, it is. But we wanted to stay committed to our promise of the back to back posts for the end of the month. Also, it wouldn't really make sense making a GEN FAVES post for February in March. We're not making excuses. It's just really hot in our apartment and we haven't gotten enough zzz's in in the past few evenings. So when sleep comes, we welcome it with open arms.

This time around...we're going to do a "HIS" then "HERS" to help not be so confusing. 


okay. no more excuses.
onto this months gen faves


Justin's gen faves

I guess I'm first. Clearly I'm into more music things this month, I don't think that will ever really here we are. I'm still on the hunt of new pedals to complete my pedal board, but in the mean time, here's what I've been listening to and the pedals I'm currently loving.


psychadelic vibes

Sun Structures - Temples   //   Flowerss - HalfNoise

 I chose these artists for this month as they have been inspiring me. The HalfNoise single is pretty new, but the Temples album has just been rediscovered. I'm falling in love with it again. I’m going through a psych rock music phase again and love to find current bands putting their twist on classics and making it new. These acts do it well. I dare you to listen and not smile. I would consider these fairly accessible and mainstream. They do a good job of maintaining that balance and are super catchy. It makes you feel good, and we can all use some good vibes.


i love knobs

These are the most thorough and creative pedal demos I have ever seen. The fact that there is no one talking or visible in the frame is even more impressive. You essentially get a clear top-down view of the pedal with a text explanation of functions and features. It is easy to see knob placement, as well as to follow along. The visuals are an added bonus. For that (and so much more), they made the Feb Gen Faves list. They’re pretty much my go to page for demos and reviews. Give them a peek and subscribe. You won’t regret it.


Enter in the GOAT

The Strymon Timeline is a beast of a pedal and a total workaholic. The possibilities are endless. With virtually unlimited parameter controls, crazy modulation, 200 built in presets, and a 30-second looper, this has risen to the top of my tonal arsenal. I replaced my delay pedal, and sold off some unused stock to pick this up, and am loving it. I haven’t even started to scratch the surface of it’s potential, and will be discovering new beautiful soundscapes for months...even years to come.


you can't even fathom how cool this is

The Fathom by Walrus Audio is a really neat pedal. I replaced my reverb and have been having a lot of fun with this. I have my Earthquaker Devices - Aftermath for the really weird cavernous gamut, but the Fathom will be a staple for sure. The pros here are ease of use paired with quick editing options. You essentially get 4 reverb types (or programs), and the X knob controls modulation in most cases. The Hall and Plate settings are fantastic. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll throw on Lo-Fi or Sonar (which is basic blending of octave up and/or down).


katrina's gen faves

I think all this rain has been putting a damper on my motivation. But with the few outbursts of sunshine, I know spring is on the horizon. I even dyed my hair pink to help lift my moody heart. This month, I've been look for some inspiration anywhere I can take it.



Around Valentine's Day, you usually see men get their ladies a bouquet of roses. I'm not one of those girls. Sure I love a wildflower or any other atypical bouquet, but Husby knew the way to my heart was 4-pack of Rose Wine by Scribe and a new succulent to add to the family. However, this month I found myself following a lot of artists, specifically ones who use flowers as their medium. I love the creativity, and the pop of color on my feed is always a nice change. Maybe it's also because I know the Philadelphia Flower Show is just around the corner. This year's theme is Wonders of Water, so I expect a lot of water installations. Maybe a lily or 5.
Anyone want to go together?

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good eats

So aside from that being the name of an AMAZING SHOW by an AMAZING GUY (I low key heart Alton Brown...but really who doesn't), it's basically my takeaway from my next favorite thing. Light Now just opened in the newly renovated Grant Building in downtown Collingswood. It's been on my radar, but now that it is officially opened and I met up with some friends for a quick bite, I can safely say it's probably going to be one of my local haunts. The menu is short and to the point. Smoothies. Salads. Sammies. After going to Playa Bowl in Ocean Grove, I've been waiting for a local Smoothie Bowl option and I think I've found it.

Oh and if yoga and spinning are your thing, Yogawood and Upcycle have also moved into the building. Feel free to get that post workout refreshment literally steps from the studio.
PS. I'm looking for a yoga buddy...anyone want to be friends???


yay sports

Okay...I guess we can't leave February without talking about sports. February was a great month for sports. We're not even sports fans really outside of snowboarding. The US won Gold for both Men's and Women's Half Pipe, so that's cool. And that's basically where I stopped watching the Olympics.

But we can't leave this month without talking about sports. Especially for our hometown of Philadelphia. The first time in ever, our Eagles won the Super Bowl against The Patriots. They said it couldn't be done, but hey our underdogs did it. The game was entertaining, the Philly Special was born, and our city didn't burn to the ground. Jason Kelce is basically a unicorn and his speech was the perfect embodiment of our city.

It also helps that local roaster Reanimator made a special blend for Jolly Saint Nick and donate proceeds to The Fund for the School District of Philadelphia. Yes it was delicious. Yes we also got the Championship. Sorry they're sold out, but take our word for it. Also, just try any of their's delicious.


No matter where we end up in life, Philly will always be home.