In honor of Dale Cooper's "daily present" mentality, I decided to give myself some TLC more often. For my lazy girl lifestyle, that looks like face masks, massages, and at home manis. Last month we treated ourselves to a Valentine's Day Couples Massage. It was Husby's first time, and now he's hooked. After the massage (and brunch) we headed over to Ulta to stock up on TLC supplies. As an extra Valentine's gift, I got him to agree (okay maybe the right word is "conned") to do at home animal masks by SNP. Guys...can I tell you my husband is a saint?! He hates sticky textures and this was torture for him. I saw it all over his face...but he loves me so much he did it #fortheblog. So much love.


A new obsession of mine has been watching beauty vloggers on Youtube. Every year, around this time, my skin decides to freak out and I do a whole overhaul on my "routine". I say that in air quotes because it was barely there. Last year, I decided I was going to go the all natural route. So for the past year, I'd wash my face with a harsh cleanser and then use oils as a moisturizer...sometimes. But my skin was never happy about anything I was doing. So I'm making it a point in 2018 to find something that works. And with more than a handful of "beauty gurus" behind a product line...what could go wrong?


So a girl has caved.
I bought into the Glossier craze.

If I'm being honest, I have no idea if there's really a difference. My skin drives me crazy. There's no such thing as the perfect remedy...but I'm trying! The Priming Moisturizer Rich was definitely something my dry winter skin was craving. I was expecting a strong lavender scent, and whereas it does have botanical notes, I didn't really think it was lavender. So for the beginning I was weirded out by it, but after while, I'm really enjoying. As for Solution. Not my favorite. It's my first experience with an AHA/BHA/PHA exfoliating skin perfector, so maybe my opinion is skewed. But it leaves this weird film feeling on top of your skin, and I'm not really here for it.


Self Love isn't always about physical things. While it's great to treat yourself, you have to take care of yourself too physically and mentally. Mental Health is one of those buzzwords that carry a stigma. Surround yourself with good vibes. Know when you need to take a break and rest. Don't take everything too seriously. Laugh. Love. Forgive yourself when you don't meet your own expectations. Get outside. Go on an adventure. Be in community. Get brunch. Serve. Surrender. Pray. Worship.
Have a random dance party in your living room.