It felt like this month flew by...Okay, let's be honest. This year is flying by. I think this following month we're going to try to be more purposed with our time instead of letting it slip by. Based on the posts, it doesn't look like we did much this month. We've had some posts we've just been delaying and delaying and well, you may get an overload of posts in April. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


justin's gen faves


"fine but dying" - Liza Anne

A happy departure from her old sound, yet an evolution at the same time. Some of her catchiest melodies to date. I found myself singing many of her songs hours later. So there are lots of ear worms. I feel the release of her album was fitting. Definitely spring/summer vibes. I will be spinning this for months to come. Paranoia is probably my favorite single from her right now. Super moody, and one of her best ever. It’s a toe tapper for sure. 

Hey! Katrina here! Sorry for the interruption...but I also LOVE this album. Panic Attack is my personal fave just because it has this sweet swagger about it...and honestly it is super fun to sing. Okay. Handing it back to Justin <3

"oh woman oh man"
london grammar

This is good song writing at its finest. Not only is this moody brooding tune catchy as all get out, it’s simplistic in terms of arrangement. The composition is great, but it’s minimal in terms of instruments. It takes awhile to build. The verses carry so well.


"Land animal"
Bent Knee

Weird, heartfelt, catchy, and jarring. With this you will experience a gamut of emotions and do need to be in a certain kind of mood. Whether you love it or hate it, everyone can appreciate the passion and technical writing prowess of these artists.


katrina's gen faves


blown away

A big reason for the lack of posts is because we've been a little "busy" (hate that word...but there it is). Justin started a new job and I've been in major Easter mode over at the church. Last weekend, we planned a Sundae Surprise with Mister Softee, Sprinkles/Jimmies Debate, and A LOT of color. If you follow us on Instagram, you probably caught a little sneak peek of it (and if you're not...let's be friends). And while we will probably be making a blog post about that soon, that's not what this post is about. This post IS about our favorite things of the month and this event kinda sparked a new obsession: BALLOON GARLANDS. Like how pretty are these?? I'm dying for another opportunity to make more. So if you have any events you want a balloon installation...hit your girl up.



Always around that time of the month, my skin decides to hate me (more than usual). My saving grace recently has been OLEHENRIKSEN'S The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser & Transforming Walnut Scrub. The cleanser has Vitamin C that helps brighten my hyper-pigmentation and the scrub is such a gentle and AMAZING smelling exfoliant. I started trying these out at the beginning of the year, when I finally traded in my Sephora points for the sample set. I still have a ways to go, but this may have to be a repurchase.


new life

It's been a while since I've added vintage pieces to my wardrobe. I've always loved vintage, but I think I got to the point where it was frustrating always going to shops and never coming out with anything. Back when I used to go thrifting, I was either doing it for costumes or because I was a broke high schooler/college student. But now in my older years, it's a purposeful choice.

As a minimalist, I have decreased the amount of pieces in my closet. It's filled with mostly neutral colors and basic shapes with a few pops of abstract silhouettes and "extra" details (fringe, pleats, bedazzle...oh my!). As a conscious consumer, I have the responsibility of spending my dime supporting ethical and sustainable brands and makers. Buying vintage kinda ticks off both of those boxes while giving my clothing collection a touch of charm.