If you know us personally, you know how we like to support local businesses and makers. And we super support brands who do "more". For us, that means fair trade, ethically made, sustainable, low footprint, give back to the community, etc etc.

So it's no wonder why United By Blue is one of our favorite things in Philly. Not only do they have great coffee (hello Reanimator) and sweet treats (get the doughnut) and pretty STELLAR photographer (our wedding photog Kelly Smith), they also have this great program where they promise to pick up one pound of trash for every product purchased. Oh and did we mention they also hold clean-ups all across the country? Yea, they're awesome. On First Friday this month, they launched their collaboration with True Hand Society (local tattoo/design studio) and Oxford Pennants. Of course, we had to stop by and pick one more to add to our small collection, especially since they were limited runs!!

We were super close to getting the "IN JAWN WE TRUST" banner, but knew full well that that wasn't really "us". And we already had the "May You Never Lose Your Flame" from Bridge & Burn. So we stuck to our typical "black" color scheme (are you tired of this yet?? #sorrynotsorry) and picked up the "1776" pennant that was low-key Philly without being PHILLY, so that no matter where we go, we will always have a little bit of home with us.

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