I often get asked the question...

Are you a vegetarian?

And I always respond with a soft giggle and say... 



Here's my disclaimer.
I'm not nagging on my carnivore/herbivore/omnivore/vegetarian/vegan/paleo/keto friends. This is me just being honest with myself because I love food too much and I would like to say I would try anything at least once as long as it wasn't human...just maybe don't tell me what it is first.

so what is a flex-atarian?

Honestly, it's just a word I made up, but it basically means "Flexible Eating Vegetarian". Thankfully, I was not born with crazy food allergies. Sure I have certain food intolerances (like raw onions and high fat dairy and how everything makes me bloat crazy), but nothing life threatening. I like to think I try to adhere to the "conscious consumer" label that I use as a guideline to all aspects in my life. So the choice to be vegetarian is because I hate how the food has become an "industry" instead of life-giving nutrition. Also, don't get me started on how AWFUL most livestock animals for consumption are treated...like YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW (but you should, because informed is better than disillusioned). But, I love the art of cooking. The way you can cook an egg an endless amount of ways. The vast possibilities of Molecular Gastronomy, like breaking down an Everything Bagel into individual tasting notes. It's amazing. And most importantly I love eating. I couldn't have anyone (even myself) telling me I can't do something.
Limits suck and I love food too much. Thankfully, husby agrees with me and just wants to make better food choices, so he's onboard with the "flexa-tarian" movement...for the most part.


these are our guidelines to being "flexy"

Don't cook meat at home.
Eat plant heavy & watch your soy intake.
If you have a craving, see if it's something else first.
Processed foods are fine in a pinch.
Practice forgiveness.