I often find myself talking about "conscious consumerism" a lot. Which sounds more #firstworldproblems than it really is. In terms of "fashion"...


I really dislike that F word. Trends are so fleeting and I'm here for the long haul. Also another side note, we do air quotes a lot here. just means thinking a little bit more before making purchases. If you caught the InstaStory the other day, I stopped myself from impulse buying Michael Kors Keatons for a more responsible / helping me get closer to zero waste Keep Cup.


What that looks like in more detail...

Decreasing the amount of fast fashion that is purchased. And when I do, make sure I will get more than 50 wears out of it. (This is based off the #30Wears test, which isn't enough for me.)

Supporting sustainably made goods, whether that means it is ethically made or made with materials that has a minimal carbon footprint.

Spend more on higher quality goods that are made well, which in turn means you have a more curated wardrobe that will last you a lifetime.


this isn't limited to clothing!!!

It is applicable to any type of retail. Slow your roll!!! Think twice, maybe thrice, before making purchases. These aren't rules, moreso guidelines to practically and slowly incorporate it in your everyday until it becomes a natural practice. 

any day is a good day to start a revolution