Around these parts, we're really into Mother Nature.
Here are a few ways to celebrate Earth Day 2018!



Reach out to your town center and find out how they're planning on celebrating Earth Day. There are usually fun activities for the kiddos and it gives you an opportunity to properly recycle those weird items you can't usually put in your curbside bin (electronics, shredded files, furniture, old medicine, et cetera). 



plogging - swedish origin

We've really been into Nordic culture lately (recent viking baby showers and hygge is everything). So when we came across this concept of plogging, we were right on board that train. Honestly, we should have jumped on this sooner. Whenever we went hiking and saw any form of non-compostable waste, we would always look in disgust...but we wouldn't do anything about it! That's messed up.

But now, we're trying to be more aware of our surroundings. We don't limit it to jogging because we know fully well that that isn't in my(Katrina) wheelhouse.

TIP: Bring Hand Sanitizer and a Designated Bag
**we did not use the bag pictured above for litter**



Or at least appreciate all that this earth has given to us. That trees are natural filters for the air we breathe. To sit in awe and wonder of soil pushing new growth that soon turns into the food we consume. How everything was made to interact with each other to be in harmony. And it was not only "good", but "very good" (Gen1:31).


eat wisely

Oh food. We love food. Seriously...we had two posts about food alone this week (not counting how many times we have mentioned coffee on any social outlet lately). We can talk ad nauseam about food culture, but here's the quick gist. When you can, eat local and organic. Can't do everything organic? Stick to at least getting the dirty dozen. Know your sources. Is the farm biodynamic? Are they organic? When was the produce picked? How long has it been sitting on the shelf? If you don't know your sources, at least limit your animal product consumption if you don't. Make friends with farmers and growers. They want the best product for you to enjoy and probably has all the heart eyes for the earth.

Oh and make sure to bring your own bags when food shopping!!! We get a lot of compliments on our Apolis bag every time we head to the market. But we also have DIY-ed some from old graphic tees that weren't being worn anymore. 



We are a big advocate of shopping your closet. One, this really forces your creativity and Two, it decreases the amount of landfill waste when people tire of their clothes. 

But if you do want to shop...

Here's our short list of brands that either are already awesome or are teaming up with organizations to give back to the earth this weekend. 

Girlfriend Collective - uses sustainable materials // 10% of net profits from the Globe collection will be donated to the Rainforest Action Network

Herbivore Botanicals - 20% of proceeds will go to // free standard shipping // CODE: OCEANA (valid 04/20 - 04/22)

Patagonia - Earth Tax // promotes mending clothing for longer wear

Seed Phytonutrients - natural ingredients // recycled paper packaging // free shipping + free callous balm // CODE: SEEDSQUAD (valid until 04/22 11:59PM EST)

United By Blue - hosts cleanups // one pound of trash for every product sold // some products Made in America (decreased pollution from travel) // oh and peep Justin in one of their hemp pieces