You know how some weeks can be super productive. Then other weeks, there is no desire to do ANYTHING. This week was a rough one and we're thankful that it's the weekend. We're also thankful for local coffee shops that play Death Cab for a Cutie and make for the perfect afternoon coffee situation for productivity. We should be putting together our Mother's Day gifts, but we're at the April and we STILL haven't put together that Getaway post. So, here it is, a month later.

Better late than never right?


We believe in celebrating change. We also believe that sometimes you have to escape to find a sense of calm before an onslaught of information of a new job hits you over your head. A month ago, Justin left a past job for a better career opportunity. So we took this as a reason (not that we needed any reason) to go on a mini trip to celebrate. Even though it was just an overnight, it felt like a week because of how chill everything was (ok...except the DC traffic).


If you know us IRL, you know our (okay...my) obsession with tiny houses. I'm still trying to convince Justin that we can make it work, but everyone (including my parents) tell me his 6'5'' frame won't fit (they're wrong, but I'm trying). When I came across Getaway, it was a no brainer that we would eventually book a stay there, so this little celebration escape was just a reason as any.

With Getaway, you get to choose where you would like to get away from (I see what you did there). The choices were between New York, Boston, and DC. Because we are Philly-ish based and were only really available for the weekend, we were between New York and DC. Where we usually head north to the Catskills, we decided to go towards the Blue Ridge Mountains for a change of scenery. Now I won't tell you exactly the location (they like to keep it private), the Getaway houses are within 3 hours away from the major cities. The fun thing about Getaway is you don't get the exact address or the name of the house until a few hours before check in. If you are a planner or don't appreciate a little "last minute" spontaneous adventure...this may not be the thing for you.

We got in pretty late, since we left after work on a Thursday. The roads were dark and drove around the property looking for the name of the house until we found it. The cabin was warm and toasty and came with a s'mores kit we wish we had more time to take advantage of. For an overnight or a short get away, it's a great space. But I do wish that there was more storage, sometimes I felt like we kept tripping over our things.

The little cabin in the woods focuses on really unplugging and appreciating the environment and people you're surrounded with. It was a good opportunity to reset, be creative, and take in that "slow" lifestyle we really appreciate. We woke to the sun shining through the trees and got ready to take on the rest of the day. 


A trip to the mountains is always made with some serious views. However, the March winds were a little crazy, so unfortunately we weren't able to go on a hike like we would have hoped for. But despite that, we drove through Shenandoah National Park and found some choice spots before heading back home.