Did you catch that one? Too obvious...oh well! So here we are, mid-way through May. Miss us? While we can sit here and discuss the plethora of reasons why we've been a little M.I.A. lately, let's just get to it. Life happened, you know how that goes. And nothing major either, just living. If you missed our GEN FAVE : APR18, you didn't miss much. We ate a lot of tacos and that's all we had to taco 'bout.


So let's start from where we last left off. Before the VA Getaway. Before introducing you guys to our adventure set up. Guess that puts us at our Earth Day post.

So in that post, we casually showed some snapshots of us on a random trip to Cape May. A few years ago, we went off season and loved the vibe of the town before the rush of people. So since then, we try to take one trip down there before Memorial Day know, before madness starts. While we were down there, we popped over to a cute little spot (pictured above and a sneak peek for a future post) for a quick bite before heading toward the mall for some light window shopping and donut consumption.


This past week was a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions all at the same time. Thursday was my co-worker's last day so we went out to Cantina Los Caballitos to celebrate his new beginning. While I am super happy he's moving on to his next step, the office is definitely going to be a quiet place in his wake. Sunday was, of course, Mother's Day. Since my own mom is currently in a different country, we spent the day with Justin's family. Sadly, the weather got the best of our plans, but we still had fun eating ice cream, roaming a little town, and taking some selfies on the train tracks.


Now we raved about Liza Anne before in our GEN FAVES : MAR18. But we were blessed to see her perform live at Boot & Saddle. Surprisingly, it was our first show at this venue. We definitely recommend getting the Fried Cauliflower...Korean BBQ style. But back to Liza Anne. Even before seeing her perform, her music always resonated with us. From her first album Two that gave us major haunting Daughter vibes to her second album Fine, But Dying giving us happy music for sad people. But seeing her live and hearing her tell the stories behind the songs, was such a freeing vulnerability we aspire to get to. AND she covered Dreams by The Cranberries and that left me in a puddle of emotions. Word from a pretty bird told me that she will be recording it soon.


Like we said before, life happened. But on top of that, we have been feeling like we hit a wall. I'm not new to the blogging game. I have had made my attempts before, but always put an end to it because it felt "useless". We never started this to become a paid influencer / to get free stuff / anything you think that "fabulous" blogger life looks like. The reason behind us starting this was to share stories; ours, the ones that inspire us, and potentially being blessed to tell yours. We want this to be an authentic space and we already talked about being vulnerable we go.

We dream big and sometimes when we don't see success the way we think we deserve, we start playing the comparison game (we know we shouldn't but...we human). This morning we read Jessica Lawlor's piece about the reasons why any of us blog and that hit us...hard. We are passionate about this and we hope that comes through. But sometimes, when we don't hear from readers, we feel like we're just throwing words into a void. We want to feel like all of this "stuff" that we're doing is not for nothing. Investment in faith is hard. But there is no reward without risk. We need to keep believing in ourselves instead of discrediting ourselves. Like my hella motivational morning tea bag read...

Your strength is your own belief.

Then we are reminded that we have only been doing this for a 5ish months now? We've grown slowly, but steadily in Instagram and Facebook. We don't try to trick the algorithm or even try to begin to understand how that thing works. We don't want to buy followers because we feel like that's playing the losing game of "follow & follow back". We honestly hate the word "engagement". Like we get it. But that word is supposed to be left for a special moment. Not to be a quantified analytic. Sure we can casually double tap like anything. But when it comes to comments, we want to start a conversation. Not just a series of emojis just to garner traffic to your own page. It feels tricky when all we want is for people to be real. We want our readers to feel like they can be our friends, in real life and even on these social platforms. Don't be shy, we don't bite!

Additionally, we also know you can't expect different results doing the same thing. So while yes, we will be continuing the blog posts...we will also be trying different ways for our content to reach you guys. Also we're really going outside of our comfort level and trying to make real world connections outside of our bubble (we love popping the bubble and exploring new places...but meeting new people is a whole level of anxiety that just thinking about it makes our skin crawl). We'll try to be more consistent with new content, but let's be honest, we know we won't. We will post at least once a week, at least we'll try to. But we will always be consistent in continuing conversations. So feel free to comment, message, send us a funny boomie on Insta-Stories, anything your sweet heart desires (within reason okay??).

Let's be friends.
Let's make the night shine.