If you follow along with us on Instagram, you may have seen we did a quick trip to Miami last weekend. Literally under 48 hours in Magic City, but it was a well worth it trip. The main reason why we went down there was because our lead pastors at Fervent Church invited us to join them in attending this year's Vous Conference. But you know us, even in a little weekender, we were bound to go wandering even just a little bit.





The whole point of this weekend was Vous Conference. Sadly, we missed Friday night's session with a sermon from Rich Wilkerson Jr. and a performance by Andy Minneo (both a total bummer). But Saturday was a full on day of goodness and truths. Definitely feel blessed for the experience of being poured into by leaders like DawnCherie Wilkerson, Brooke Ligertwood, Erwin McManus, and John Grey. We also cherish the growing fellowship between old friends and new. And we (anxiously) excited for what's to come.



After a back to back session, we had a short break to grab some lunch before one more session and our breakouts, so...tbh we got Sbarro because it's fast (and it's cheap). Where we did splurge a little was when we hit up Joe & The Juice. Now originally, we were planning on going to some other coffee shop, but when I saw Joe & The Juice, I got a little excited. I miss having a plethora of juice bars to choose from back in my New York days!! I ordered The Guardian (tumeric, black pepper, pineapple, carrot) and requested it be put in my Keep Cup because I'm a weird crunchy kid that likes the environment, but I still feel weird about asking people, but like earth. Husby ordered a Chocolate Shake and hung out by a fiddle leaf fig.



We were too focused on real life stuff to document any of it #sorrynotsorry. But in a nutshell... a few more breakouts, dinner at Yuca with the Fervent fam, back for the last sessions with worship led by Brooke Ligertwood and the Vous Worship team (they have a new album out btw, you should listen, it's really good) and throw your wig out sermon by John Grey. It was the last night with everyone together because most of them had an early flight that they were long gone by the time we got up on Sunday.



but first...brunch

Saturday morning we stopped by local coffee shop Panther to grab much needed caffeine for everyone. You know, leave it to us to find the most hipster (but hella cute) coffee shop. Bless them for being patient with us for our very long and detailed order. But when we stopped by, we came across Icebox Cafe and knew that was where we were going to have Sunday brunch. We're suckers for really clean design and tasty food. I, of course, got my staple Avo Toast with a poached egg and Husby got the Eggbox. We both ordered juices because....they were tasty. This time I went for a beet juice with a shot of ginger (you know that zing in your step) and Husby ordered a refreshing melon medley.



We swear Miami was a testing ground for us going to the Philippines later this year. The humidity was cray. The heat was ridiculous (especially carrying at least 20lbs in each of our packs after checking out of our Airbnb). And all the tropical plants were giving me life.


Lincoln + Ocean

The Airbnb we were staying at was close to Lincoln Road Mall, but I didn't want to leave Miami without showing Justin the super tourist-y side of South Beach : Ocean Ave. Also it was a bit of a memory lane in formative years. See this is a good idea in theory, but after carrying our backpacks in thick suffocating humidity, this was a really bad idea. It's not even that long of a walk!!!! But that heat is a killer. Thankful for little safe houses like Caffe Italia with iced coffees and pastries. 

As mentioned before, we're suckers for design. So the Art Deco vibes with Spanish influences were things we were taking it. Hence all the cute buildings. Also, the Versace house. Because when you're in South Beach being a tourist doing touristy things...it's a thing you have to stop do.

So that was our little weekender in Miami. It was a short but full one. Maybe we'll be turning this into a  series. We know of at least one more Weekender we'll be doing this year. But leave us a message below of what you think! Also any suggestions for the next time we're in Miami?? VOUSCONF2018 was good that we already got tickets for next year! That will be closer to the university, so all suggestions for places to hit up are so very welcome!