What even happened in May? Honestly!! We feel like it was just yesterday we were all dropping those Justin Timberlake memes and now all of a sudden he just played in Philadelphia over the weekend. Where did this past month go? Where did time run off to? Thankfully our church is doing a series on rest, so hopefully we'll learn to be better stewards of our time over the next month (because we have as much time in the day as Beyonce, so NO EXCUSES ANYMORE). 

so onto the faves...


green thumbs

We both have a history of our parents working in horticulture, whether it's in landscaping, gardening, or even in soil research for agriculture. We figured we should give it a shot for ourselves, so off to the local garden center we go. Since we were house sitting for my parents, we headed to Bucks Country Gardens, a little bucolic gem right outside of Doylestown. We picked up a few plant babies like new jade plants, dragon finger, sansevieria, and our first zz plant. We have a few plants coming in the mail too, so fingers crossed we get them before our trip to Miami next weekend.


as for music...

There have been two songs (and music videos) that we've been playing on repeat. The first one is by our friend's band Blame Candy. Pathetic is a video that fulfills all those glam rock 80's vibes that have the same vibrancy as the upcoming season ahead. Now John Mayer on the other just all around good tunes. New Light is the normcore meets random low budget random beach studio green screen that we never thought we needed. The man is a unicorn. Both songs are ear worms you definitely will find yourself singing hours/day/weeks/months later. 


We know that's not much for the month. We mostly kinda just "lived" this month, just soaking up moments. We're definitely coming out of a hibernation mode as you've read in our previous post THE CALL and we're putting together a few things to go with that. But there are a lot of changes going on. We've been helping my parents pack up and move, so that's why we've been in Bucks County a lot lately. We're also working on doing more community events and meeting new people. Real relationships. Deep relationships. 

June...we're ready for you.