We feel like every time we come here, we have the same spiel. "We've been slacking." "Sorry for the lack of posts." Et cetera. Et cetera. Well....you know it, so we'll spare you. Instead, we'll give you a way delayed Father's Day post. And no...the photo above does not allude to Justin being a father. He's a plant father by means of the transitive property, but THAT. IS. ALL.


A couple weeks ago, we headed to Longwood Gardens after work to celebrate Father's Day. If you've never been there, let us give you the quick lowdown. Longwood Gardens is a park just outside of Philly limits in Kennett Square, PA founded by Pierre S. du Pont (yes of that Du Pont family). The grounds are covered with natural meadows, meticulously pruned formal gardens, and a green house that is an architectural marvel. Most times, people only come to Longwood for the holidays. And while yes, you definitely should see how the gardens transform for Christmas, you're really missing out on everything else. My husband was one of those people. Since we arrived before my parents, we did a quick (and I mean QUICK) run through some of my favorite parts in the park.

I went to the woods...

you should know by now that we will take any and every opportunity to quote thoreau


We did a speed-walk through the formal garden that has flowers organized by color (Type As rejoice). From there we went through some Secret Garden tunnels that emptied out at one of the fountains. Think Gatsby fountains. It was very luxurious. Couldn't get a great shot of them (since y'know crowds), but we did manage to awkwardly take some going in the other direction with a background of a pond and the only treehouse I was able to take Husby into. Sidenote: that particular treehouse is not well ventilated, so if you go in the summer...be quick about it. The afternoon sun casted the best shadows.


The Meadows are one of the newest additions. This is the "drive by" route you can take if you don't want to do the full trail that exposes you to some cool pollinators, wildflowers, and if you're lucky foxes. Something else that's new is the Beer Garden on the premises. This is where we met up with my parents and we were too busy chowing down on pizza, salad, and beer to really photograph the really quaint string lights hanging over picnic tables with an Americana / Bluegrass band playing as a sweet couple danced alongside. The major plus side to the Beer Garden is that the beer doesn't have to stay within the limits of said Beer Garden. Yes, that means you can roam free with your beverage. So ladies and gents, if your significant other is not at all interested in learning about plants and all their beauty (and they are of legal drinking age, of course), here's your chance. 


Now the whole point of coming to Longwood Gardens was because my dad wanted to see the Illuminated Fountain Shows. Now yes, water fountains can be like very blah. But this is a spectacle. Light show, water show, fire show all set to various themes every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The evening we went was Motown. You better believe we Marvin Gaye and got it on. If someone can clarify how they put fire on water....please comment below, we really would love to know.


We're sure this will be the first of many posts at Longwood. Magical backdrops for many photo ops. And my parents just relocated to the Main Line. We should just be Members at this point, but maybe we'll pick up that card the next time we come through. The five acres need to be properly explored and with every season, it will always be changing. Even in a controlled environment, change will always be a constant.