Who else has that typical Type A personality?? For the most part, I am the girl who is on top of things. Professional List Maker should really be a career choice. I like organization (even if it's an organized mess). Itineraries are my jam. I love clean minimal Swedish design. But when it all comes down to it, I know I'm a control freak. And sometimes that comes as a detriment to my creative side.

If you know me in the real world, I'm usually never without some sort of craft project. Most of the time, that craft has been knitting because it's the most travel friendly option. My friends and family call me a grandmum, but that's quite alright with me. I believe I am just living up to one of my nicknames "Kitty Kat" because of I always have some yarn or string to play with. Being self taught meant lots of mistakes. In Japan, there's this thing called "wabi sabi"...

the acceptance of transience and imperfection

It wasn't the first time I had to come to terms with my eagerness to attain perfectionism; that's an ongoing lesson. However it did teach me to find beauty in the flaws. That even if it's not "perfect" it still is an accomplishment. Oh you missed a stitch, well that's what makes it perfectly unique. It tells stories like the smile lines around your grandparents' eyes.

Rows and rows of knits and purls seem rigid, but there's a rhythm to it. Different patterns creating crescendos across the work. Counting stitches like a time signature. It's the dance of the needles intertwining and releasing. I've heard, in passing, that tying knots is a therapeutic way to calm anxiety. It slows the mind and shifts your focus. For me, it's a form of meditation.


For all those reasons and because I love learning different types of crafts, the transition to macrame was an easy one.

I've always admired Emily Katz's work. So when I heard she was holding a workshop in the city to tell her story and teach macrame, it was already a done deal. She learned the craft from her mother and it became something they bonded over, which touched me for when have some cubs of our own. It was also inspiring to me to hear how she got to her current success. This wasn't her first go at being an entrepreneur, but she persisted and this fell in her lap and she ran with it.

While she was teaching she mentioned that the beauty of macrame is the spaces between the knots. They're like breaths between the actions.

Remember to breathe

When it came to creating our own wall hanging, I placed the intention of no expectations. That what will be, will be. Learning a new craft is always filled with experimentation. With my first time at macrame, it was just seeing where the rope wanted to go. The beauty is that the knots are loose and you can always them out. Nothing is permanent. Nothing is set in stone. It's a practice.