This summer is filled with a lot of these little mini trips. It feels like we've been traveling a lot and after a couple of years of "staying put", us putting in miles now is pretty expected.

Our first trip was to Miami Vous Conference with the Fervent fam. Then, last weekend we headed down to Virginia again to hang with Justin's family. Next in the queue is Portland to celebrate a very dear friend's birthday, but before we get ahead of ourselves, here is our VERY quick review of our pretty chill weekender in VA.


We left Jersey with a barely rising sun on Friday morning and we arrived back in the Garden State to the moon just barely over the horizon Sunday evening. So when we say quick, we mean QUICK. But with no agenda and with the intentions of resting and spending time with family, it was nice and chill filled with lots of reading, swimming, and laying poolside catching that much needed Vitamin D.



Friday Night after checking into the timeshare was pretty quiet. Everyone was tired from the drive down, so headed to the market to pick up food for the week and pizza for dinner. Husby being Husby, he had the brilliant idea of making brownies for dessert, topped with ice cream, it was a sweet ending for the first evening in Virginia.

After a slow start to the day, three cups of coffee, some pool time, the family headed to Yorktown for some Ben & Jerry's. If you find yourself there, we definitely suggest trying Cinndoughrella. It's a blend of Cinnamon & Caramel Ice Cream mixed with Cinnamon Bun Dough, Shortbread Cookies & Oatmeal Cinnamon Cookie Swirls. DELICIOUS. Something I wouldn't suggest is the smoothie...they're too sugar-y and basically just use fruit juice, fray, and apple juice. This is a secondhand review, but I trust the source.

So after filling up on sweets, we decided to walk off those calories. We visited the Yorktown Victory Monument.  We took pictures with said monument. We read the signs, learned a few things. I recognized the obelisk from a Trans Am Bike Race documentary I watched a few years ago. Told Husby about it and without asking exactly what that race entailed, we suggested we do it together. I think he was a little sugar high. But people did say he was a prophet as a child, so you may see me biting my tongue in the future.

We will see.
**If you never heard of the Trans Am, it's a bike ride from Astoria, Oregon ending in Yorktown, Virginia. It's a LONG ride. Let's work on those backpacking weekends before thinking of this one.**

Afterwards we headed towards Colonial Williamsburg. You know just to walk around. Go back in time. We had the intention of doing a Ghost Tour, but remember to make sure you're signing up for the one you want to do. The one we wanted to do had some story reenactments and were able to get into the buildings at night. However, that was not how our evening unfolded. We were attacked by mosquitoes and bats and heard 3rd/4th/5th-hand ghost stories....fear factor was at a null. But the town at night was quite magical. Just remember to avoid the poo piles.




Richmond kinda capped the beginning and end of our VA travels. We stopped through on the way down. Okay, it's not really "on the way", but we take the long way when there's things worth discovering right? When we arrived into town early Friday morning, coffee was first on the list. We decided to stop by Lamplighter after a friend of a friend suggested it, deff weren't disappointed. And the a/c was a nice escape from the brisk muggy air outside. Also, we were just killing time until we headed to breakfast.

Is it still called "brunch" if it's on a Friday? Well whatever meal it was, we headed to Pasture in the downtown area. Let me tell you, not sure why this town loves Fritos so much, but Frito Pie changes lives!! A bed of Fritos covered in a ménage à trois of vegetarian chili, onions, and cheddar cheese. Deff going to have to recreate that for a party soon. As for actual meals, Husby ordered a grilled cheese and I went with a Chicken Fried Portobella. If you're into Soft Shell crab, this was literally the same texture. Honestly, I would drive through Richmond, just for this sandwich. If someone has a copycat recipe, please comment with it!! I need it in my life.


After food we did some quick shopping in Cary Street. Stopped through some consignment shops, Need Supply, and Brick + Mortar. I was good though. I only walked away with a vintage black dress. Yes another one. But this one is more maxi length and a checkered pattern. Do not judge me. I like my black dresses!!


We decided to drive back through Richmond to get lunch on Sunday before the long drive home. We ended up getting tacos in Scott's Addition at Don't Look Back. Now you can't leave without having desert right? We heard Charm School was the place to be. So that's exactly where we went next. Thai Iced Tea in a fresh made cone? Why yes! Thank You! Husby went with a combo of Cereal Milk and Iced Coffee topped with Toasted Fluff. When we got there, the line was understandable, but when we left it was out around the block! Then we found out it was National Ice Cream Day, but isn't every day ice cream day?


until the next weekender
peace love & live for the adventure