So I am pretty dang excited about this news...

i have my first collaboration

This whole situation was pretty kismet and was all through luck / chance / star alignment... oh and the beloved Instagram. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's rewind real quick.

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If you know me, I am pretty picky...or as I like to say INTENTIONAL for pretty much every aspect of my life. From the clothes I wear to the places I shop from to the food I consume to the people I let into my inner circle. Everything is purposed and purposeful so nothing gets wasted. I started making these changes (specifically through my wardrobe) a few years back after being fed up with the industry I worked in: fashion and retail. From unfair working conditions to the toll it was taking on our actual environment, I had to constantly ask myself: "Is it worth it?" I appreciated the art and design behind it all, just not the way it was made. I looked toward slow fashion, conscious consumerism, the sustainable movement, and even the craftsmanship of artisans and makers for inspiration. 


Now when I started this whole "blogging" thing, my aim was to connect people with stories. So when this company found me through the #MAGANDANGMORENX hashtag (a story for another time), I knew this was someone that I would love to work together with. Their story is just in its early chapters, but it is one that I felt an instant kinship with. Not only because we have the same motherland, but because same ideals and beliefs. Let me introduce you to...


Owned by Gelaine and Jérôme, they focus on sharing the beauty of Filipino craftsmanship by teaming up with artisans and makers from the Philippines. Through their products they empower local communities, practice ethical production, and keep culture alive.

The name came from the Spanish word CAMBIO for 'change' because as Gelaine put it "We wanted to change how business is done and how people shop". (Same girl...same.) She says the name doesn't apply anymore since the company has evolved and transitioned more into supporting the craftspeople of the Philippines. But the way I see it, CAMBIO is similar to the Tagalog word for 'gears' KAMBIYO. It's the switching of gears from the what is normal and automatic as society and current culture has defined shopping and consumption to be. But when we stop the cycle and ask the right questions, we slow the process down. There's more thought behind every movement. More intentionality. And as anyone who has ever driven or attempted to drive stick, switching gears is hard in the beginning, but when you get the hang of, your wallet, and the environment is better off for it.

As for the product assortment...It's gorgeous. From handwoven bags to jewelry made from surplus fabric, there's purpose behind every product. You can learn about the brands that they partner with and the social change that comes from the purchase of every piece. Personally, I've stocked myself with their version of the trendy net bag: the AURORA ABACA MARKET TOTE by Habin and the JOEY POUCH by Gouache. The tote is made from Abaca, a renewable and sustainable fiber made from the discards of the banana harvest. The material is handwoven in a macrame lotus pattern, so it gives all the boho vibes. The pouch is a good carryall to have. Currently it's housing our GPS Simone so it's easy to pack for any adventure we head out on.

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now for the giveaway...

At the end of the month, I will be giving away the TALA EARRINGS by TAYO. These reminded me of an heirloom necklace my mother gifted me and has been a well worn piece in my layered necklace look. TAYO (which means "to help stand" "to build" or "us") works with the non-profit Wipe Every Tear. They empower women trapped in the sex trade by building up survivors and helping them to realize their freedom, regain their hope, and see their future.


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Giveaway will end at the end of the month (08/31) and will be announced on Tuesday, September 4 because Labor Day weekend and I don't want you to miss out. Be sure to tell all your friends, share away, you know...all that jazz and a bag of chips.

If you don't want to press your luck and just want to snatch some goodies up yourself, use the code URSAFINE15 for 15% off your first purchase at Cambio & Co.