That’s kinda what we’ve been up to the past few months since coming back from Iceland. Sure I posted an Autumn10x10, but honestly the holidays and lack of motivation really did us in. Other content creators out there know exactly what we’re talking about. The performance paralysis. The piles of files to filter through just to find a handful to share “on the blog”. The comparison game. The loss of self. The algorithm.

photo 2.jpg

it was a downward spiral & the dominoes fell rapidly.

It’s the first year of doing this thing called a blog, so we should be giving ourselves more grace. But the plan was always for this “thing” to be a stepping stone or some sort of jumping block for that “something more”. It’s funny that we can’t even name it. Is a it a company, is it a cooperative…it’s still swimming in that gestational pool of creative abyss with too many possibilities. I think that’s where we got lost. And not in the romantic John Muir “lost” kind of way. We got lost because we didn’t have a focused “why” to pursue.

Instead, we got caught up in the numbers and lingering questions. Believing that growth was a platform. And the steady incline is great, sure, but how many were real followers? Were they bots or spam accounts? Were they willing to leave the ‘gram and visit the website? Was our content more that just a pretty picture popping up in someone’s feed? Were we authentically engaging with similar users that we had real shared interests and life goals? Or did we play the comment/like/exchange/repeat game? Sounds like a whole lot of striving…and was it really worth it?

To be honest, it’s hard not to go down that rabbit hole. And it does seem trivial in the grand scheme of things. But it’s because we want whatever URSA FINE is meant to be to really succeed. It’s because URSA FINE started from such a deep space: our story and we want it to matter. Like every being on this planet, we want to be seen and to leave a trace. Some mark to say “we existed”. Sure this is paid real estate, but it’s our little corner of the internet. One that ebbs and flows, tosses and turns, crashes and rebirths.

JPEG image-246D569F62A6-2.jpeg

though the winter

is long even richer

the harvest it brings

We’ve been talking about changes a lot over the past year. And with good reason too…2018 was hectic to say the least. Three countries, seven major trips, a lot of airplane tickets, new guitars, new gear, moving apartments, going outside of our comfort zones, meeting a lot of new people, making new friends, switching jobs, switching Instagram layouts, navigating social media as a business while still being authentic, changing around the look of the site (which…who knows if this will stick, but we needed to switch it up from before).

So let this be our declaration over 2019 and whatever URSA FINE ends up becoming. Be you. Be wholeheartedly, unapologetically you. For us, that means slower living, intentional living, purposeful living. Not getting caught up in the hustle and bustle. If that means swimming against the current, then so be it. The numbers don’t matter, the heart does. Actively engage, not just exchanging pleasantries, but go deep and make honest connections online and in person. Consume thoughtfully. Don’t get caught in a scroll hole. Do block time to use the hours in the day more efficiently. Practice pursuing your passions. Create content you’re proud of, not the content you think will be popular. Attract the community you want to be surrounded by. Good in. Good out. Be consistent and know your voice, always come back to your “why”.


For now, it’s simplifying. Taking ten topics down to three. Refocusing energy away from half-hearted blog posts to real pull-you-in-close intimate storytelling. Create a space for conversations to blossom, for people to be seen and heard, for beauty to flourish. Sending a consistent visual message, even if it’s not the quality we want, we’ll get there if we keep putting in the practice.

If ever we get lost or off course, someone please redirect us to this post. Hm…lost. Maybe it was a Muir-esque “lost” after all.