When that light hits you just right.

Last year, I collaborated with EM on a piece about #selfies talking about stardust and and self love.  And over the past year, the whole “self care” industry has had a huge boom. The glorifying of the newest beauty products. The Sunday night mask boomie (guilty). And all the motivational speeches to make you feel like where you are in life is perfectly fine and you don’t have to change.

Self love isn’t about the baths and masks (but the slowing down and taking the time to breathe and relax totes is). Self love is about answering what you and your soul needs. Sometimes it’s that evening glass of wine. Sometimes it’s a swift kick in the behind.


My personal journal at the end of March read more about discipline than the deprecating woe-is-me teenage angst. The discipline to get it together. To not live a reactionary life but one of intention and purpose. To make the decision to show up everyday because life is going to happen whether or not you decide to meet it. If there is something you want, you have to go after it and be disciplined to make the choices that go in that direction. Focus on the why and let that lead the way. It’s okay to feel those feelings, but don’t let it become stagnant...don’t let it fester and become you. Recognize that placating words and making excuses isn’t going to get you anywhere. You have to show up (mind the slogan) and just do it.

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